Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keeping Busy

Tonight was the last day of VBS. The kids were able to get little horse rides which they enjoyed.

John is walking behind one of the horse handlers in this picture. He took tomorrow off of work and made it home in time for the festivities.

It is nice to have my husband home for a 4 day weekend. We do OK with this schedule for the time being. However, I worry about how long we will have to live this way. I really don't see the economy picking up greatly in the near future. The housing market here is not on any type of rebound at all. The job market is even worse so I doubt he will get a job close to home anytime soon. So, we will continue to persevere.
Tomorrow we will be taking Larissa to see the pediatric neurologist. As soon as I received the CD with her EEG that was done in May I called to make an appointment. I was given a date in mid-August. I wasn't too pleased with waiting that long and told her that. She asked my why and I told her that she was still seizing. She asked me how often and I told her every day.
So she said she would put us on the "call if there is a cancellation" list. I thought I would never hear from them. However, the next day they called with a mid-July appointment which I accepted.
Yesterday they called with another cancellation for Friday. I jumped on that appointment. So, tomorrow we will head to town and see what this neurologists opinion is.
Larissa is still having the seizures in her sleep. I have put her in my bed the last several nights so I could monitor her better. Naturally, this means lack of sleep for me because she is a huge bed hog and sometimes her seizures will wake me up (which is why she is there). She has several of them a night. However, they are shorter in duration and seem weaker somehow then before she started on her meds.
Slowly, I am getting things done on my to do list. However, the list seems to grow of its own free will.

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