Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crazy Life

Our life has been crazy here. Drama and more drama that I can't share because it isn't my story although I am involved/concerned because I am mom. I have a hard time writing when I am trying to keep my mouth shut in one area!

In other areas the main objective is to purge!

Emma and Michelle struggle with their mess. In their desks I found a little bit of everything. I found shoes , clothing, toys and trash stuffed everywhere. In suitcases, boxes under the bed, desks and every corner. We had purchased a bunk bed fro their bedroom so that they could both have room for desks. They broke the ladder to the bed. I also found an expensive doll of Emma's with a broken leg (no way to fix it), Disney hair pieces in shreds, books ruined, and items that I am not sure what they go to. I decided that the desks had to go so we could unbunk the bed. Emma didn't care but Michelle had a major fit over it. A major disrespectful fit at that. She lost out on a movie over her words.

Too much, they simply have too much. It is too much for them to manage. It has been majorly purged. They don't like to throw anything away, to include their trash. Sometimes I wonder if that is a result of all their moves and losing everything over and over. They don't want to get rid of anything but they also don't take care of anything. Larissa is their same age and she organizes her stuff. All her Shopkins are grouped together, books together, dolls displayed. She get messy too but when I have her go clean she organizes it in some way while Emma and Michelle stuff it everywhere. This is part of the challenge of having either of them share a room with her, their "cleaning" style does not go well with hers. I have gone into their rooms and worked with them on numerous occasions. It quickly turns to chaos. Perhaps there is no connection with their moves, maybe it is genetic. Anyone with kids who had many placements read this blog? Are your kids disorganized hoarders?

I don't have an after picture, I will try to get one.

Our family has a terrible weakness, Mexican food. We love it and eat out too often.

Benjamin has been asking to paint so I took him to the studio to do so. I hope he turns out to be a lefty, I am the only one in the family.

He loves blue, trying to turn into a blue smurf (the paint is not harmful)

Larissa was waiting for dance class to begin and I took some pictures of her in secret. 
I love to watch her dance.

We keep Vaida Wednesday night and Thursday day while Tasha is in class. 
Yes, lunch at the Mexican restaurant.

I am not sure if he is shocked or impressed by Vaida's eating abilities. 
But it was cheese dip, it had to all be eaten.

He has allergies and the fall is the worse time. I thought for sure he had an ear infection. I was wrong, apparently the lavender oil is working.

We are very busy at the studio, I am loving the fall colors. 

We expanded the play area and the kids love it. It allows for parents and more serious painters to paint. We try to do as many family painting opportunities as possible.


  1. Hi sorry your life is so messy at the moment. I have 3 bio kids and 2 are messy hoarders and 1 was clean freak.
    How did you use the lavender oil for ear infections as have 2 with constant ear infections.

    1. I apply it to the outside of the ear, kind of behind the bottom part of the ear and along the jaw line. Last winter he had several back to back ear infections. Once I used the lavender he didn't have another one all winter even when he had a stuffy nose. Every stuffy nose always gave him an ear infection. He had a horrible stuffy nose when I took him to the doctor.

  2. Lavender is WONDERFUL! R had 4 ear infections in her first year, and we were able to avoid antibiotics every time by using lavender.
    My kids didn't have multiple placements, but they are TERRIBLE hoarders. You already know that from reading my blog. I've boxed up all KM&L's stuff and put it away for now. They each have a bed, a basket of stuffed animals, a dresser, a trash can, and a jewelry box. They also each have one small shelf to store their cd player, their Bible, and the book they're reading. No other toys...I got tired of everything getting destroyed. I packed it all away a month ago, and they haven't missed it or mentioned it. They love that cleaning now only means to put laundry in the basket, trash in the can, make the bed, and run the vacuum.

    1. After several attempts to reign in the girls room I did a huge purge. I think that what bothers me is that there seems to be such a discrepancy between what all the girls have. It isn't that they don't receive the same, it is just that Larissa takes care of her stuff. She has so much more. With Christmas coming I am challenged because I refuse to buy any expensive items that will get destroyed for the kids that destroy stuff.

  3. I only have bio kids, and tho they haven't had any placements, we have moved a lot because of the military. 4 of my 6 are terrible packrats and I do think it is genetic. I have found the same situation in my kids rooms almost monthly. Once I had to throw away a pillowcase full of rotten apples that I had discarded as not fit for applesauce! She was trying to save them! She's 14 and I still purge her room routinely for things like receipts, tags, packaging material, menus, and paper scraps. She can't bear to get rid of anything. She even saves all the clothing the family gets rid of because she's sure she's going to use it for something. I allow her to keep it in a box, but when the box is full she has to start getting rid of it. She's the worst of my pack rats. Her grandmother on her dad's sad is very much the same :(

  4. Good luck with the mess. Have them clean up and decide what to sell. List it on one of those local facebook sale pages and tell them they can keep the money to save toward X. Jasmine and the twins have cleaned out things to sell toward their summer mission trips.