Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parenting Lessons

Some Things I have learned......

I truly am not an evil witch who makes it my daily objective to come up with evil ways to torture my children. However, I do believe that some days that is how they look at me.

House rules are truly rules that I expect my children to abide by while they live in my home. However, I have some children who think that they are tests for them, to see how they can get around them.

I really am not stupid. I do know that they are looking for ways to get around my rules. Uh, some of them I may have done myself.

That I am smart, turn dumb and then get smart again. Right now I am smart, dumb and smart.

If you have 7 children, they will all have different needs. No two children are alike, what works with one child may not work with the next.

I love all my children, however I do not have to like their actions. Regardless of their actions, I still love them.

That I have the ability to love a child that has grown in my heart just as much as I do a child that I gave birth to.

You can teach your children your set of morals but when they step out on their own they will follow their own may not be the path you wish for them. But, don't give up hope, they may realize that their parents did know best and change their path.

I have to respect that my child will make life choices that I don't always agree with. Different life styles aren't necessarily wrong, just different.

Parenting a child who lived in another home with totally different morals for years is difficult. Explaining to them that the choices that their biological parents made obviously didn't work well for them, uh, otherwise they wouldn't be my child is extremely difficult.

I haven't learned how.........

To get them to understand that if they choose to follow a negative lifestyle that they won't fare any better then their bios, if their heart isn't open to accepting it.

Today I am dealing with some parenting challenges. Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. I don't know how many days I survived just by thinking, "tomorrow is a new day." That's a good one...and effective.

    Love your blog, Fel! :-)

  2. Gotta keep that hope alive or we couldn't do what we do.