Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

I slacked last week and now I am behind on getting some projects done. Joselin had a doctors appointment this morning so we headed into town. Naturally a trip to Michael's was in order.

Yes, I did buy them the foam hats. I don't expect them to last long because....well, they are made of foam.

One appointment led to another so I didn't really get much accomplished today.
I still need to check into Larissa's school since I haven't heard back from them. I heard from speech today and she qualified for services, however, I don't think that Tricare will pay for speech so I need to look into getting them paid for under Medicaid. I may have to go to post adoptions and use their medical fund.
For myself I need to find my immunization card for school (naturally, it takes a visit to the doctor to get the "official" form filled out) and I need to get the paperwork around to prove that I am a citizen. I have come to realize that I am stuck with out of state tuition rates but will go ahead anyways. I need to turn in my assistantship paperwork to try and get instate tuition.
I need to take Larissa in for blood work this week and am dreading it! She has never had blood taken before. Her MRI is next week with sedation, not looking forward to that either. She is still seizing.
I have the little ones medicaid cards and I need to go see our old doctor to see which program they need to be on so that they can go back to her. She can take them because they are medicaid, but no openings for Tricare. We love this doctor so we check regularly for openings.
I also have a very dead tree in the backyard that needs to come down. Every time a storm blows through I worry that the tree will come crashing down. I have called several companies to get an estimate and none of them show up. I guess one tree is not worth much to them. I made more calls today and someone is coming tomorrow for an estimate, hopefully he will show up.
I don't know why it seems that I am not getting anything accomplished. As soon as I think I have something under control, something else crops up or one issues becomes multiple issues.
But, that is my life and I love it. I believe I will accomplish something tomorrow.

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  1. As you may well know we have had three MRI's under sedation for little one. :) So if you have any questions/specifics I can try to answer. Also the only reccomendation I would make is that for each one they went ahead and gave her anti naseau medicine before she woke up (through the i.v.) and we have never had issues with her getting sick afterward (despite the fact that she is a puker in general). I'll be thinking of you through it...and truly feel free to ask anything!