Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is anyone working out there?

I remember when you could make a call and get a problem resolved. You didn't even have to wonder if it would get resolved. Things sure have changed.

I wanted to get started early this morning but was waiting on my tree man to come give me an estimate.

So, I call the early intervention program to see what was happening with Larissa. Four weeks ago they said they would call me right back, I never received that call. When I reached her she said she would call me back in 10 minutes.

So, 2 1/2 hours later she called back. She didn't remember ever talking to me. Also, she couldn't find the paperwork I had given her. I had given her everything; IEP, birth certificate, SSN, shot record, evaluations, proof of residency. After a long discussion she finally did remember me.....I had gone in and met her personally to make sure everything that needed to get done actually got done. After searching her desk she actually found our paperwork. She says she will get back with me tomorrow. Who wants to place bets?

Finally the tree guy shows up....3 hours late. Hey, at least he showed up! He is the only one out of 6 calls. All the others say they will come and never do.

$400..............that is how much it is going to cost me to have my tree cut down. I do not have any other estimates so what choice do I have? The tree is dead and needs to go.

It is big and tall.................

Tall enough that if it decided to fall it would probably fall on the part of the house where the TV resides and the kids play.

He says that he will come on Thursday or Friday, he will call the night before. Any bets?
So, with that business out of the way we are free to go take care of other business.
We head to the doctor where I want Larissa and Anthony to go. Currently they don't have any Tricare slots but they do have Medicaid slots. However, you have to have the right type of Medicaid. I called last week and gave them the kids Medicaid numbers and they said they would call me right back. No return call, so today I go in person to make sure that the kids are good to go. They checked while we waited and the kids are on the right plan (I don't usually do Medicaid so it is all foreign to me). I was amazed something worked out.
Next we head to Sarah's school. We had taken in her paperwork weeks ago and she said she would put her in the system. Next week is orientation and we wanted to make sure that Sarah was in the system so she could get a schedule at orientation. Good thing we checked, she is not in the system. I asked her if Sarah's choice of ATEC still had openings and she said that it was full now. I wasn't surprised, Sarah did pick another one without an attitude. She did give me a look though. I knew what she meant. We wonder if she would have gotten the ATEC that she chose if she had been put in the system weeks ago.
Soon those halls will be full.............................

We did get some things accomplished today. I have most of Joselin's paperwork for Wil Lou Gray finished. I am still working on some of my own school paperwork.

Tomorrow we head back to the doctor for Joselin. She is having abdominal pain and all the tests are coming back negative, to include the ultrasound. However, she is still in pain. Thank goodness for health insurance.

One day at a time.

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