Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Again

Joselin called me today and asked me to pick her up. She says that she is ready to follow the house rules. I am not sure what happened in the few days she was gone but I have a feeling that something out there scared her.

I hope that she realizes that she is definitely not ready to be on her own. Actually, she wasn't on her own, she was relying on friends. How long can that type of support be used? I guess in Joselin's case it is 5 days.

I wonder if she realizes how much her struggles affect me. I try to compartmentalize her issues so that I don't allow it to affect how much I am there for the other kids. However, sometimes that is just not possible. We go on with life but a small part of me doesn't. I couldn't bring myself to blog yesterday. I try to do it daily but blogging about our mundane life didn't seem right with a kid out there in danger. I can't imagine how parents deal with it when their kids runaway and never return.

The little ones do not understand what is going on with Joselin. Heck, some days I don't understand and I wonder if even Joselin understands. I hope that some day she can find peace within herself. Right now, she is a long way from doing that.

For tonight, she is home and safe.

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