Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It is Happening....Insanity

Well, I do think that insanity is starting to creep in. I think that I may just need to do some painting or something.

Sadness....over Joselin. Within 24 hours of coming home she was making bad and unsafe decisions. We had boys stopping by the house and calls at all hours. She says that our home is boring.

Taking away the Internet just led to her searching through my desk and using my tiny laptop. Kids these days don't hide their tracks well. When you start up your computer and AIM starts up it is obvious that your computer has been used. Uh, I don't use AIM.

When I put restrictions on her she let me know that she was old enough to do what she wanted. I let her know that as long as she lives in my home she had to follow the rules. She has been gone for 3 days now. Teenagers, they make some stupid decisions for themselves sometimes.

School..............well I got accepted. But I am an out of state resident due to my short period of time in Texas. I am trying to get an assistantship for next year so I can get in state tuition. We will see if that happens. If it doesn't I will just have to start next year.

National Guard................apparently I have been AWOL since March. I have emails stating that I am currently ING (inactive). I received a call yesterday asking me why I wasn't drilling. Uh, I honestly stated that I was confused. I thought that it was taken care of months ago. Apparently everyone is saying that I am in the ING but there are no orders. If there are no orders then I am not inactive. My unit deployed last week. However, I am not MOS qualified for my unit so I can't deploy with them anyways. Ok, so I said find a unit for me to drill with. Guess I need to dust off my uniforms. (For nonmilitary I am sure that was all confusing)

So.......... I have an out of control teenager, I need to find an assistantship, and I am an AWOL National Guardsman looking for a drilling home.

Pass the chocolate please.

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