Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Moving Forward

Well, we get to cancel our fingerprinting appointments. They will be updating our homestudy versus making us start all over. What a relief, I was sure that folks would think we were crazy if I asked for another letter of reference. Updating means some paperwork, fire inspection training hours. The training hours might be what slows us down. Once we realized that we were adopting our last child we slowed down on them, didn't figure we would need them in the future. In South Carolina you need 14 hours of training a year, 8 of those hours can be online. Our relicensing social worker will be coming over on Friday.


  1. Yay for on line courses.
    Great they can update your homestudy.

  2. And you thought you were done. Bwahahahaha. I wonder how many kids we will have on our NC adventure this year between the two of us?????

    1. We plan on only fostering this time around. Will we stick to that? Time will tell I guess.

  3. Maybe we should just reserve the whole campground (cabins, not tents.)