Friday, July 2, 2010

Epilepsy Confirmation

We saw the pediatric neurologist today. I brought the CD with her taped EEG and naturally the doctors office did not fax over the notes. I thought that was odd because they would not make the referral without the notes from the last neurologist. Then they didn't forward them to the new neurologist. A call cleared that up.

After reviewing the CD and notes the neurologist concurs with the last neurologist. Larissa has atypical seizures coming from her frontal lobe, nocturnal epilepsy. He said that the type of seizures that she has are hard to control with meds.

Another concern is that she doesn't run properly. Her gait is off. He asked me if she had ever walked on her toes....she hasn't.

When Larissa came to our home her head was cocked to the side, her right arm was in a strange angle with her fist always closed, and she had swallowing issues. They thought that this was from laying in one position all the time and not being held. It is amazing what damage neglect can do to a baby.

However, a later doctor thought that she had a stroke at some point. An MRI was never done but she did have a lot of interventions that helped immensely. The neurologist now wants an MRI done.

So, I got one appointment out of the way and now have three new ones.....blood work, MRI and another neurology appointment plus I have to get a copy of the sleep study that she had done a few years ago.

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