Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gazebo is Standing

After the tree was down and hauled away we decided to tackle the gazebo. Smart decision was to call Jason and tell him to come over and help. It is always beneficial to have youngins around in case you collapse of heat exhaustion.

Nice bag of screws, looks like fun!

Our neighbor got nosy so he got to hold one of the corners. We now owe him some BBQ.
I did some work too. Actually, I am always in charge of reading the directions. That way if there are any mistakes then it is my fault.

We were supposed to put the canopy tarp on before putting the top on. However, since I was in charge of holding the top while the men attached it, I decided to put it on afterwards. Attaching the finial was tricky but not too difficult for Jason.

Completed! No fighting or divorces over this project.

Next.....putting together the furniture. Do you know that if you buy patio furniture at Walmart that it comes in a nice a whole lot of pieces. That is a project for another day.

Today was our 18th wedding anniversary. Don't we look like we had a great time! Afterwards, John and I went out for some for dinner (just the two of us!)

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