Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just One of Those Days

Joselin and I spent a lot of time together today. We left the house at 9 am for a doctors appointment. Her doctor was concerned about her continued abdomen pain so he sent us for a CT scan. We were told that they would fit us in. You know what that means........long wait.

We did finally get the CT scan and then were told to wait for the results. our doctor wanted us to meet with the pediatric surgeon.

We waited for hours. We hadn't eaten anything all day and I had read every magazine that they had available in the waiting room. Needless to say that by 3:30 I was quite annoyed and ready to go home. I guess I am spoiled and not used to waiting so long for care.

I did tell them that my daughter was actually in more pain after sitting for 3 hours in their uncomfortable chairs. Shortly after we were told to head over to another building and see the surgeon.
We head there and wait. Finally we see a doctor and after a 3 minute exam he tells us the CT scan was clear and that she needs to see a different specialist. He can't make the referral so we have to go back to our primary care doctor and get a referral to ObGyn, she has female issues. That was what I suggested was the problem on Monday before the ultrasound and CT scan. Finally at 4 pm we were free to go home.

We hadn't eaten all day so we headed home to get the kids and go out to eat dinner. While home I took a few minutes to call the program that Joselin wants to attend. Not good, yesterday she found out that they will not have funding for the female program. They will only fund a male residential program. How quickly things change.

I also took a call from Sarah's school. I thought that we resolved her issues yesterday........ nope.
She said that they don't have Sarah's current IEP so she can't make her schedule. I told her that I did give her the most current IEP. She says that it is old, from 2009. I state that 2009 was last school year, it is dated Oct 2009, less then a year old. I think what annoyed me was that she told me that she had been trying to reach the old school for days so she could put in Sarah's schedule. I don't know if she remembers that we were just in yesterday and she had completely forgotten about Sarah. I will go tomorrow.................again. I may take Joselin's stuff in just to challenge them. I am not sure what to do with her at this time.

Larissa's preschool administrator did call me today........I missed it. Ugh.

So, we had dinner, I went to my old doctor and picked up my immunization form that they filled out for me for USC, went and got Joselin's pain meds and as a treat to myself got some wood at Lowe's.

By 9 pm I was able to finally sit down and check my mail. Nice, apparently Larissa's doctor did not put in a referral for the neurologist so I have a nice hefty bill. I get to call tomorrow and ask them about it. I also get to transfer the two little ones to our local doctor.....I miss them, I never had to worry about a referral getting put in.
Well, tomorrow is another day for greatness.

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