Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Baby Food Jar Snowman Ornament - How I Make Them

For a while we had perpetual foster babies. With those foster babies came many baby food jars. Over the years I have perfected my version of the Baby Food Jar Snowman Ornament.

First I clean the jars of all stickers and sticky residue, then I spray paint them white. I use any shape baby food jars.

Then I paint the nose.....or rather carrot. No two Snowmen are alike.

I didn't take any face painting pictures. For the eyes I do two uneven, imperfect black circles with a dot of white. The mouth is a squiggly line and some have blush while others don't.  To finish off the carrot nose I put a little line of white across the top and some little black lines to give it texture. This is where you can have fun and really personalize your Snowman.

To hang my snowman I take the lid and punch a hole in the middle.

Then I take a bead and ribbon and tie the bead to the underside of the lid. The bead holds the ribbon in place for hanging.

Next I make the hat. I use flannel material for proper hat fluffiness and feel.

I cut a piece of fabric 6" by 9". I fold it and sew it up the long side making a tube. I made one for a friend using baby Christmas tights. Have fun with this.

After the material is sewn I cut a fringe that is about 2" long.

I put the material over the jar making sure that the ribbon is showing..the fabric covers the entire jar at this point.

I tie off the fringe.

Push the fabric down towards the lid giving it some fluffy, winter hat look.

Flip up the bottom of the hat to show your snowman's face.

You are done. Have fun.

If you make some snowmen let me know! I'd love to see what everyone is making.


  1. We are going to try it but #1 I have no jars #2 I have no talent :) I'm going to let the kids make them for their teachers.

  2. Those are so cute!!!!! I would love to make some with the kids. Now, to find baby food jars...

  3. I'm going to try to use a jingle bell instead of a bead to see if we can hear the jingle in the jar.