Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hanging out in Augusta.
I decided that I needed to do a day trip to Augusta and have dinner with my husband. There seems to be a lot of activities in Augusta that have to do with golfing or historical places. The kids were not too interested in either of those activities. I was able to find a place called Fort Discovery.

Fort Discovery is located in the center of Augusta right off the Riverwalk.

I wouldn't suggest throwing any trash on the streets, there is a $1000 fine. They had signs posted everywhere.

The signs seem to help. I didn't see litter everywhere. (We didn't see many people outside either)

The Riverwalk was very nice.

It was also very deserted.

I think it was because of the heat, actually humidity. We were all drenched in sweat after just a few minutes of walking.

It cost us $24 to get into Fort Discovery. If I had brought my AAA card we could have gotten in for less. With a AAA card they have a buy one, get one free special. I am a AAA member, my card is in another purse, ooops.

The kids had a great time, I did too although I was too tall for the spacewalk. They have over 250 interactive displays and we could have spent a lot longer there then we did.
We also really liked the laser music. Actually, I think I liked it the most, I kept playing with it. Thankfully, I carry the camera.
The little ones really enjoyed the moonwalk.

They had a lot of activities that the little ones could do on their own.

At the entrance they have a huge play space.

But, I have to warn you that if you go, take socks. You must wear them to play. They do sell them in the store located right around the corner.
Don't you love Larissa's new white socks?
Next we headed over to the Augusta Mall. Sarah hit up her favorite store, Hot Topic. She got a Reptar backpack for school.
Then we ran into a Build A Bear store. Larissa stuffed her first bear. She has hand me downs galore, but not one she stuffed herself. (I know you are laughing Tasha. I couldn't help myself, I tried to wait until her birthday, truly I did.)

We spent some time sitting around the play area they have, waiting for John to get off of work.

It was nice to have dinner with my husband during the week. I am glad that we took the trip. I needed the break.
In other news, I had been tracking Joselin all day. She lied to me about where she went yesterday (no big surprise) and then lied to me again when I asked her where she was going today. She is not making very good choices right now. I have filed a police report on her as a runaway, however, as of midnight tomorrow night it won't matter. At 17 you are allowed to leave home and can't be forced back. Pray for her, she really needs it right now.

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