Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How I Deal With Stress

I have had several folks ask me how I deal with stress. There are several things that I do to relieve stress. I..........paint, decorate a room, move furniture around, build something, fix something, start a project, work in the yard, go to garage sales, talk to a friend, read cheap romance novels and eat chocolate.

Stress level was high here today so I decided to start on the dump room, what will be my craft room.

Before....what a mess
After pictures will have to be another day because the sorting is taking a long time and I haven't figured out what furniture I need in there. At the very minimum, I need to be able to paint, sew and work on photo albums.

Sarah must have known it was a high stress level day because she made a cake.....mmmmm, and it was delicious.

Joselin left today. She claims that she isn't coming back. She told me that she was sorry, she wanted a family when she was younger but as she grew up she realized that she didn't. I just don't know what to do with that child of mine. I think that it isn't she doesn't want a family but that she doesn't want the restrictions and rules that come with living within a family.

I told her that if she decides that she does want a family one day, that she knows where we are. She can come back. I actually expect that she will be back home as soon as her friends get tired of putting her up.

Tomorrow we are taking a road trip to Augusta. We are going to see some Augusta sights and take John to dinner. I really need to get out of the house and see my husband. It has been a rough week.

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