Wednesday, June 30, 2010

With Hesitation, I Enrolled Sarah in School Today

Doesn't she look thrilled? I can't blame her.

Sarah's school has never called me back so I called them. The guidance counselor told me that they weren't seeing anyone until the middle of July. I mentioned that my daughter had gone to this high school before and she told me to go ahead and come in at any time and she would pull her file.

So we went there today with all our paperwork in hand and successfully enrolled her.

The high school is a nice enough one as far as high schools go. However, Sarah had some bad experiences when she was a freshman there. Basically bullying. Some things happened that still bother me (and Sarah) today.

A group of girls pestered Sarah in class and then taped her when she got annoyed and told them to knock it off. They then took this tape and posted it online. They admitted this to the school principal.....and nothing happened. The tape came off the web but there was no consequence. Do you think that helped resolve the issue?
The bullying continued. I talked to the school and Sarah was terrified to say anything because she thought it would escalate. We tried everything, Sarah tried her best.

Finally one day a girl was bullying Sarah down the hallway. She was following Sarah while Sarah was crying, Sarah even walked past a teacher. The teacher didn't say a word.

My child should not be walking down the hallway crying and have the teacher turn the other way. Something is just not right with that situation. I didn't send her back to school after that incident.

Sarah was a month away from finishing the school year. I got a form from her doctor stating that Sarah needed to be taught homebound because of the bullying. The school allowed Sarah to come to school after hours and get her work. She finished the year out, but it was a miserable freshman year.

Strange, last year she attended high school in Texas and had no problems.

This year I am prepared to homeschool if I need to. You have to be a member of a homeschool organization to homeschool in this state so I am checking them out in case I need to join one. I am looking at online course options.

I think that it is sad that I have to think of pulling my child out of school because of bullies. I guess the bullies win when you do that but I am not going to have my child walking down the hallways of school in tears.

I really hope that this year will be better for Sarah. I want her to have some good memories of high school. However, I am not going to allow it to continue as long as it did the first year. I will be quicker to pull her out if I need to.

What memories do you have of high school? Do they include bullying?


  1. That is so heartbreaking. I am sorry that happened to her. I hope things are different this time.

  2. Tyler was a target in middle school due to his aspergers. I put him in a Christian school for three years. Then into public highschool and he did fine there.