Monday, June 20, 2016

Vacation Continued

With all ten of our local children with us John and I were able to have a romantic float down Deep Creek. Actually the only romantic part was that we didn't have a single child with us. We enjoyed it.

We shuffled groups to the upper part of deep creek all week.

We got to watch Vaida while Tasha and Ethan enjoyed some child free time.

I pulled out the paints for a little art time.

On Tuesday evening Kathy (a blog friend) and some of her family came. More of her family made it on Wednesday. They joined the water tubing crew.

Time was made for just relaxing.

and perfecting the eyebrow.

John and I stole a few minutes to go for a nice walk in the park.

We were able to spend a lot of time just being together and enjoying our time away from the hustle and bustle of home.

Benjamin got quite dirty at every opportunity.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Vacation Day 1 and 2

Internet connection at Deep Creek was pretty bad so I didn't even try to update while there. We had a great time in the mountains. Day 1 we grabbed some meat.....

and oaded up the van. We left after church, it is a bout a 4hour drive for us. This isn't even all that we took, we had three cars full of people and stuff. All of our local kids went, 10 of them plus a son in law and grandbaby.

We made the drive without incident and checked into our cabins. Since it was dinner time we went into Bryson City for dinner. The little ones weren't willing to sit still so we walked them around town while waiting for our pizzas to be cooked and then recooked after they sent them on a delivery.

They both loved the trains.

Day 1 was travel day and day 2 we went tubing.

The first group. They walked up a trail to go to the rougher water.

The kids who were not able to do that part stayed back and played.

 Group 2 went out after group 1 got back. We put in at a point that was after the rapids area.

I had Benjamin and was very cautious.

Our view of everyone else.....yep they got way ahead of us.

Benjamin enjoyed the tubing.

He found it very relaxing! I didn't want him to sleep in case we tipped over. However, there was no waking him.

I ran into the girls at the end. They were looking for Michelle's glasses. She had lost them. I wasn;t too upset about it until I found out that she had been jumping in and out of her tube and had attached them to her shirt to keep them dry. It made no sense to me and I was left with the impression that it was intentional. She will get to do some chores to help pay for new ones.

After tubing sno cones.

Wore out Vaida.

Benjamin rocking with mom on the porch.

Evening smores.

Kassi's first smore!

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Wonder why vacation seems like such a chore! We are packing for the mountains and I feel as though I need a UHaul. Perhaps it is because we are taking a lot of kids. Going are Benjamin, Emma, Michelle, Larissa, Anthony, Kassi, Joselin, Sarah, Tasha (with Ethan and Vaida) and Jason. We are taking three cars and we are still struggling to fit everything.

My moms caregiver is coming to spend the week at our house so we are covered. Vacation isn't a simple thing for us and all of the coordination falls on me. However, I plan on going and doing some relaxing and even some painting. (Because I have to for the AG and Art Tour I am in the day we get back).

There may not be any updates while we are gone, Sarah has my laptop.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Bright and early this morning an ambulance came to our house to pick up my mom to take her to her doctors appointment. That is about the only safe way to transport my mom these days. Her doctor looked at the medications that the hospital prescribed and said not to use most of them. She also wanted to put my mom on hospice. At first we thought that was a good idea, my mom wouldn't have to be transported in so much and a nurse would visit.

However, after doing some research and calling many different people we determined that if we did hospice care then my mom would lose her caregiver. She has had her same caregiver for years. They have a good relationship. Also, they said that she would only get a caregiver for 2 hours a day. Under her current program my mom gets 20 hours of service a week. She would lose caregiving hours at a time when she needs more. That makes no sense to us. The only reason that I can manage all that I do is because of her caregiver. I also don't have time to train someone new in the complexities of my mom and her needs.

After a lot of deliberations I have decided not to do hospice care at this time. In the end, I consider her relationship with her caregiver more valuable than what she will receive with hospice care. Taking care of mom sure comes with a lot of responsibilities and hard decisions.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


It has been stressful around here. Integrating adults and a baby into the family has been painful at times. ...............

Benjamin has been having a hard time, trying to get the others to understand that he does not have many moms in the house, only me has been hard as well. ................

Money...feeding our crew. Anyone with adults in the house, how do you deal with it when you pick up something from take out? We have somehting like 14 people in this house. I can't afford to buy for everyone yet everyone expects it. It has gotten to the point where I don't stop at fast food joints as often as I used to. That is probably a good thing.

I have also been dealing with a lot of my own dental issues. Years ago I had some crowns put in Hawaii and they have all failed. I am getting a bridge put in on one side and am missing a tooth which makes me very self conscious (it comes in three weeks) and now a tooth on the other side is acting up. This morning I put on my glasses and thought that I had bent my glasses. I took them off and they were fine. It was then that I realized that my cheek was so swollen that it was touching my glasses! Got some antibiotics but can't see a dentist for a few weeks because we leave Sunday for NC and then the next week we have Art Camp.....which is stressing me.

We go on vacation, get back Saturday and that afternoon I volunteered to be the art part of an AG and Art Tour in our county. Then I have Sunday to rest and Monday lots of kids at the shop. I am not prepared for anything, vacation, Ag and Art Tour or Art Camp. I should have said no to the Tour, I need to learn to do that more often.

Today was one of those days, I get out to go to John's family day event and my van tire is totally flat. I fit everyone into John's truck and ask Charlotte to call AAA for me. Found out that they wouldn't come because my car is not covered, it is a recreational vehicle. I have been paying for them for years and this is the first time I needed them. So, I need to call and cancel their service.

So today, I dealt with a flat tire, swollen cheek and then Benjamin got a yucky eye. He visits the doctor tomorrow. My mom also visits the doctor tomorrow. Oh, and my car (recreational vehicle) tires come in and need to be put on. When am I supposed to pack, do laundry or anything else? I also have a birthday party tomorrow night which I had to ask Tasha to do because it is family night at VBS. I also have 3 parties on Saturday which I need to prepare for. I also need to return some calls to day cares that want to come in and paint. I also decided that I was going to take up the fundraising for the youth pastor at our church. He is blind and went and tried some electronic glasses out. They worked for him and some folks at church said that they would help fund raise....months and months ago.

Do I sound scattered? Like I am losing it? That is quite a possibility!

So here you go, pictures....

Some beauty in our yard, stop and smell the roses

Girls night out.

Enjoying our pool

Painting project for those who can't make it to the beach (and like to paint their feet) The will also be an art camp piece.

Hosted foster parents for some art to hang at the state house.


Antoher art camp piece

Painting piece for Jack's glasses. It is a Jack rabbit (hare) for Jack Hair

Ugh, how I learned the AAA does not cover my car.

Made it to family day anyways with our 7 layer cookies.

Heading home, not too sure about those balloons.