Thursday, June 4, 2020


At this time we have three foster kids. We still have our foster teen who we are trying to adopt. After our visit from the adoption worker I haven’t heard a word. I am not sure what we need to renew! So frustrating as we have limited time.

We also have our 4 year old. She is kind of destructive. I notice that she always has something in her hands and is tearing it up. I wonder if she would enjoy beading. I am thinking of making something with blocks and shoe laces to keep her hands busy. On a good note her aggression went way down when her brother left. I know that grandma is trying to get them but that takes months on at a good time, I can’t imagine how long it will take at this time.

Last Thursday evening we got called asking if we would take an overnighted 17 year old boy. We said yes. Then Friday they asked if we would take him for the weekend. We said yes. He is a runner and had been gone for months. He ran from a group home and told everyone he would run again if he went to a group home again. He is also a therapeutic child. Well, he was doing great rooming with Anthony so we said we were willing to keep him. On Monday they said that they were going to let us keep him as a permanent placement. Yesterday morning his worker called all upset and said that placement decided that he needed moved because he was therapeutic. They were moving him to a group home! Ummm, and how is that in his best interest. The worker was trying to stop the move. I got on the phone and started working up the line. Well, something worked and placement decided to keep him in our home. The whole incident upset us, they were not doing what is in the best interest of the child. In 5 months he will be 18 and plans on going to family out of state so we have 5 months to get his GED and drivers license.

Although we are full, we are still getting calls for placements. We sure needs more foster homes! Anyone interested? I wonder if I scare people off from fostering.

Monday, June 1, 2020


I know I have gotten behind again. I just find that I am busier now with all the kids home. I hope to make several posts to cover many things that have been going on! How can I be so busy when I barely go anywhere?

Tonight I will catch up on Benjamin. He had a second episode of fever. These episodes last about 5 days and if you don’t give him fever reducers around the clock his fever jumps to 105 and he gets dizzy, cries, gets a headache, complains his body hurts, says he can’t remember stuff. Generally really miserable. That means I have 5 days of giving medicine every 4 hours. It is exhausting.

We did blood work in the middle of his fevers and his SED number was high. Honestly I don’t know what it really means but that number combined with his history of having high fevers for just one night at a time leads his doctor to believe that it is possible that he has some type of autoimmune disease. He has a referral to a rheumatologist but apparently it takes a while to see one. Last week he went in for more blood work with his doctor. I am waiting to see what those results are. We are hoping that he was just fighting something. If not we hope to get some answers so we know what we are dealing with.

Anyone else dealing with this type of health issue? New one for me.

Tomorrow, our foster update...

Friday, May 15, 2020

Foster Placement

We accepted placement. Ended up with two siblings, a girl 4 and boy 5.

This has been another tough placement. Not because of the destruction but the pee. Not pee in the bed type pee, the get out of bed and pee on toys, in containers, into the closet, the carpet, the corners. Pee everywhere. We can’t get rid of the pee smell. Everything has been tried. Honestly it has been the end of me. After Benjamin’s covid testing comes back the 5 year old boy will be moved. They couldn’t find a home for both kids.

Part of me understands, they were in a home with no running water and no electricity. But, as much as I can sympathize, I can’t do it. Benjamin has left his room and is sleeping in Anthony’s room because of the smell. After the boy is moved we will have to totally strip the room and figure out what we are missing. His area rug was new. His playhouse will be fixed. His Playmobil stuff will be replaced. All the extra expense of fostering. I have never received compensation for the damages caused by foster kids.

I really hope that the new foster home is prepared for pee! Or perhaps he won’t do the same in the new home. How much pee are you guys willing to put up with?

We will keep the 4 year old until they find a home for both of them or they get to move to their grandmas.... out of state. With the way things are now that could be a while.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Catch Up

I have been absent. Actually I have been very busy. With all the kids home I am busier than normal!

We have been watching Tasha’s babies, they are growing up so fast.

We’ve been working on our Lego town.

Taking pictures and being goofy.

Shaving off hair.

Michelle cut her own bangs and tried a new hairstyle. I thought she did a good job on the bangs.

I am just getting older. My phone doesn’t recognize me anymore.

The red head just gets cuter.

I’ve been sewing masks.

Having parking lot lunch with friends.

Celebrated Johns birthday with a homemade German chocolate cake. The neighbor gave him a gag gift, Benjamin loves it.

Miguel moved back to live with his mom.

Jason helped with Lego town.

He also wore his own virus protection suit.

Clyde caught a bunny we gave to the rehab center, he is doing well.

Added a llama to Larissa’s wall.

I painted a llama for Larissa.

We also received two foster kids and worked on school as well as our usual daily business. Tomorrow I will post on current foster situations.

Thursday, April 16, 2020


I still don’t know what Benjamin has but it finally passed. I have to say he scared me. I went in at 3 am to check and see if his temperature had risen. He was wet as though his fever had finally broken. I took his armpit temperature and it was under 94! I then woke him to take it orally and it was 95.7. That seemed awfully low to me. Took my own temperature to see if the thermometer was working and mine was normal. I kept checking on him until 4:20 when I had to go to sleep.

I called the doctors office the next day and they sent for him to get a chest X-ray and blood work.

John took him in but he had to share with me how he didn’t cry when they took his blood.

I received a call today to let me know that everything was normal. I believe it was a sinus issue but that now is not the time to investigate that. But, for now he is back to his busy self.

Today he got a roommate. We have placement of a 5 year old boy. He came this evening and the boys played and played themselves to sleep. Abuse and neglect don’t stop just because the world does.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Sick Benjamin/Easter 2020

I have been a bit exhausted. Thursday I took Benjamin to the doctor. His head and throat hurt and he had a fever. He had a low fever when I called and by time we got to the office it was 104.7. He had a swollen lymph node in his neck area where he said he had a sore throat and his forehead hurt. No respiratory issues, no gut issues. Only one in our bubble of 15 who was sick. They are thinking sinus infection so off we went with antibiotic prescription. Thursday night was Ok, some fever. Friday was ok, even thought he was better. However, Friday night his fever went up to 105 so he got a bath and I searched for Motrin so I could do Motrin and Tylenol to keep his fever down. Strangest feeling, normally I could do a run to Walmart but everything is closed by 8. I did find my Motrin and kept his temperature down. By down I mean about 101. Same pattern for Saturday. What was odd was this morning his temperature was low but at 11am when I checked him it was up to 105. About every 30 minutes I check him. Every three hours at night. I am tired. I called the doctor and they said to just make sure he stays hydrated. That actually isn’t a problem as he drinks fine. The antibiotics haven’t helped at all. I am not sure what we are dealing with. He is still the only one sick at the house. If he has pain reliever his head doesn’t hurt. But he looks sick in the eyes. 

Today was Easter. A day to celebrate but honestly I was dragging. Thankfully Sarah stepped up and did a lot of the cooking. I never found my baskets so we did simple. I had bought the kids each a pool towel, some candy and painted each one a rock. I wrapped their candy in their towel and put their rock by their towel. They were happiest with their personal rock.

To be honest, all these holidays and gifts are a challenge financially. I am curious, any big families out there? How do you deal with all these gift occasions? Some days I feel bah humbug. There are so many events that have gotten bigger since I was a kid. My parents didn’t give me anything for Valentines Day. I swapped cards at school and had a party, that was all. I see pictures of kids getting electronics and such. I simply can’t afford to do big. Painted rock is in my budget and more personal to me. Challenge for me is I love giving gifts, I just have to be more creative about it.

I did enjoy having Tasha and Ethan over. They are in our bubble as we are their babysitters. We used to share babysitting with Ethan’s mom but she has health issues so they are quarantined from each other. Jason is living here but hasn’t been working as some employees tested positive. Miguel is still here although Joselin says she will have a place at the end of the month and will be able to take him. Sarah lives here and is working on her masters. Obviously all our minor kids live here plus a foster teen. We are a large group.

Benjamin felt well enough to come join us, he chose to wear the mask he got at the doctors and his gardening gloves.

How is everyone doing during this time? Buzybee did you get settles and find toilet paper? Let me know how y’all are doing. Also, what other subjects I missed! I need to know people are out there!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Taking Precautions

Tasha is front line with this Coronavirus as a respiratory therapist. As reported everywhere they also have a shortage of supplies. She does get to wear some pretty cool gear!

I decided that I need to take precautions and make some masks. I realize that they don’t offer much protection but I am trying. Since the kids school was closed we haven’t taken them anywhere except for Benjamin to the doctor. I do most of the grocery shopping. I try to do everything that is recommended. Sometimes I don’t feel that it is enough. I hadn’t thought to sanitize the groceries I bring o to the home! I had a friend post about that but when I go I buy about $300 in groceries so I have a few days before I have to go again. That would be a lot of groceries to wipe down!

I would have never imagined that I would be using my sewing supplies for making masks!

This sewing machine has done a good job for me.