Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Award Ceremonies - Bad Momma Thoughts

Today I had two awards ceremonies to go to.  Anthony's at 8:30 and Larissa's at 10.

Anthony's was in the cafeteria.  It was agonizingly long.  I know, bad momma statement.  We were sitting on tiny cafeteria seats while they paraded the kids up.  OK, 3/4 of the fifth grade got stuff for PE and art, that took forever.  The same 4 kids got all the top 4 academic awards.  The kids were getting louder and louder.  The parents were shuffling around. Babies were crying. People were leaving. It was just too long.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for honoring the children's accomplishments. Truly I am.  But....perhaps it was the headache that I woke up with that put me out of sorts.  It had gone away until about an hour into the awards ceremony when it came back with a vengeance.

I watched Anthony walk across to get his 5th grade graduation certificate and then I had to run over to Larissa's class.

She was giving the welcome parent speech and was watching for me.

I love her teacher.  She had all the kids sitting in one area and had them stand while she called their names for their awards.  At the end of each category we clapped for the accomplishments.  Then at the end she gave each kid a folder with all of their certificates along with a copy of the class video.

After the awards we watched the class video and then had refreshments.  Larissa and I then ran out to go to Anthony's award ceremony.  It was now close to 11.  We walked in just in time for the lights to come on after they watched their 5th grade video.  We then got more snacks and cake and went in search of Anthony.  He didn't even know that I left!  He did say that it was too long and he slept through some of it. I think that a 2 1/2 hour award ceremony is just too long.

Perhaps I am a little jaded by award ceremonies.  My child who has had behavior issues all year and on the verge of failing came home with a stack of awards that she was so proud of. Basically they were awards for being there.  To me, really not much value.  The invitations say that all kids will get awards.  Hmm, may be not all kids should.  However, awarding effort I am all for.  Larissa got an award for most improved in math.  She is far from the best in math but for her she improved the most.  She put in effort. That means more to me than an award for always having a book at reading time (one of Michelle's awards). To me that is just a filler award, they feel that they have to give something so they make up stuff.  The most important award Michelle got was her promotion to the 5th grade.  Honestly, it was the only one she should have gotten because Michelle has the ability to do so much but instead did so little.

On the other hand, I have children with special needs who work so hard and typically get so little. They aren't the top in the class so are not awarded, I understand that. However, I do appreciate when they award for effort and improvement.

My thoughts on awards ceremonies may not be popular, but it is where I have gotten after over 20 years of attending them.. What are your feelings on awards ceremonies?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby Announcement

We love babies.

All of us love babies. 

We pray that Little Man and Vaida have the opportunity to grow together. Play together.  Get into trouble together.  DisneyWorld is planned in 4 years.  What a blessing to watch babies grow into adults.

Now we have another baby coming along.  Kassi is expecting.  She messaged me, worried that I would be mad.  She has been with her boyfriend for over a year but the timing isn't good.  They really aren't in a good place to support a baby.  However, a baby is coming.  I am not mad.  I am happy that a baby is coming.  I am glad that she has chosen to parent her child versus not.  

She has a lot of work to do.  We have promised her a car whenever she gets her drivers license. Hopefully she does that soon.  Where she lives owning a car is necessary.  Our hope is that once she has a car she can work on getting her GED.  Getting a better job.  Getting a better education.  She needs to do all of it because very quickly she will have a child to take care of and I will have another grandbaby.  Little Man and Vaida will have another baby to play with.

So, we are excited for her.  We welcome another child into the family to love on.  We want her pregnancy to be one of excitement mixed with the usual worry of becoming a parent. Time to but her childhood behind and step up for her baby.  We will support her along the way.

Recital Night

We survived recital another year.  Between pictures and practices we lose about a week.  Anthony did two dances and Larissa was in 6. Unfortunately, she froze up on her solo. She said that she thought about running off but remembered me and her teacher telling her to keep dancing if she forgets anything.  So she kept dancing.  I couldn't see her up close because I was in the back but Tasha said that she was crying.  She finished her dance and was beautiful but she is beating herself up over the mistakes.

It is hard for a parent to watch their child stumble at something so important to them. However, I was so proud that she finished.  She didn't give up and she says she will do another solo next year. She danced 4 dances after the solo and was smiling and great in them, the show much go on.

Larissa plans on going to a bootcamp dance class this summer and then try out for the Nutcracker in August. Anthony plans on continuing dance but I would love to see him do something besides the hip hop.  I see him dance with much more enthusiasm in jazz.  He also doesn't like the outfits in hip hop, I wonder if tap would be better for him.

Emma says she wants to try dance again next year. The last time she was in dance she quit because it was too much work, maybe just one dance class.   Michelle says she wants to do dance too.  I don't know how I feel about that.  She was so disrespectful to the teacher last time and I haven't seen any improvements in that area.  She continues to get yellows at school, even got one on field day.  I feel that she needs to find her own nitche, I am just not sure what it is yet. I would love to see her find a passion in something. I feel that if she had something that motivated her to success it would help with her behavior. Something for me to think upon.

I took a poor video of some of the practice dances.  If I can figure out how to get them off of my camera I will share them.

Friday, May 22, 2015

New Picture

Michelle requested a new picture on my blog so here it is!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pictures Done

Tonight we got all the rest of the dance pictures and practices done.  I can not post any of Anthony's pictures from Hip Hop because he does not like the costume.  He didn't want me to post any of those pictures so I won't.

During this week the kids take pictures and then do a quick practice in their costumes.  Larissa was practicing her solo and some girls from another class were watching.  One girl said that her solo was boring.  Her solo is classical ballet, Larissa's favorite dance style.  Larissa heard the comment.  She later told me that her eyes welled up but she didn't cry.

This really upset me.  She was already nervous about doing a solo but also excited.  This is something she wanted to tackle. It seems like our culture is turning away from respect and it isn't very pretty.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dance pictures

I will have to wait for the pictures to get back to see how this one turned out!

Life Interrupted for Dance

It is that time of the year again, dance pictures and recital.  We have pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.  Pictures take a long time, they work with each child to get pictures you actually want to buy.  

Anthony really likes his jazz outfit.  He has Hip Hop tomorrow and isn't so keen on the costume.  He thinks that the top comes down too far, like a dreaded v-neck shirt.  He prefers to be buttoned up al the way.

Anthony is the only boy at the dance studio.  He plans on returning next year, he really enjoys it.