Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Link to Video of Flood

Link to facebook video of the flood

Replaced Bella

A while back Benjamin took Larissa's "Bella". He loved that monkey and eventually peed on her. Because of her electronics we were not able to get the pee smell out. I couldn't find her in any stores and finally went to EBay to replace her.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Still Processing

We are still processing here in South Carolina.  We have had rain off and on for most of the day but mostly it is leaving our area.  However, lakes and creeks continue to crest.  There have been several dam breaks today causing more damage.

Down the road from us someone died as the road they were driving on collapsed under them. Sometimes you can't see the damage from above the road as the water is eating away at it from underneath.  That was the road that my kids go down to go to school. There is no school tomorrow and John will not be back to work until at least Thursday.  A big dam burst at Ft Jackson causing a lot of damage at Ft Jackson and the surrounding area as well outside of the fort.

I have been watching my adult kids from afar.  Joselin had been spending a good part of her weeks here and then visiting with her boyfriend in Columbia.  She happened to be in Columbia over the weekend.  Central Columbia, where a lot of flooding has happened.  They have food but were in search of water.  Columbia does not have water at this time in large areas to include the hospitals. They do not have a car and couldn't get around if they did. I couldn't go and get her if I wanted to.

Tasha is on the other side of Columbia surrounded by broken dams.  Her baby went to the doctor on Thursday with an ear infection and was put on an antibiotic.  Yesterday she broke out in a terrible rash.  They stopped the medication and gave her benadryl.  Tasha was able to talk with a nurse today but has no way to get her a different medication.  We are hoping to get something tomorrow.  Tasha's husband was supposed to go to Charleston this week to train for a new job.  He obviously isn't going to that and we aren't sure how they will fare without his income.  Tasha is not sure when she will get back to college. Since they are surrounded by so much flooding she contemplated coming to our house however she couldn't find a route that was open.  I major river separates us.

Sarah is at college.  They don't have classes and they are staying put.  She is eating at the campus. She said that they didn't realize that they should have been boiling the water. They have all been drinking it.  She does not have any bottled water, seems like the college needs to get some.

Kassi is safe in town and is doing fine, however her car is not.  She flooded it yesterday and got it towed home today.  It doesn't look good and we can't afford to buy her a new one. Her boyfriend has a job close enough to where they live that he could walk if necessary.  Her job is not so close, walking is not an option for her.

We couldn't find Jason.  His dad and I both were calling him and searching for him.  Finally we messaged some friends and he called me.  His phone had died.  He is doing fine.

I have put my kids at home to work.  Today they worked on cleaning their rooms and decluttering. We will continue tomorrow, I have to keep them busy.

The kids don't really comprehend what damage the flooding has done to our state.  In some ways I don't either.  It is just hard to comprehend.  It is going to take a long time for our state to recover.

If so inclined, please pray for the people who have been impacted by the flooding.  Not only have people lost lives, homes, cars and businesses but many aren't working at this time.  That is a huge burden to those who live paycheck to paycheck.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

We have water starting to pool around our yard.  Thankfully it is not of the septic tank yet.

Tasha has had a small dam burst near her but thankfully she is on a hill.  Kassi attempted to come to our house but her car died.  Telling all my kids ot stay in place. It is bad in Columbia with lots of flooding.

We have a leaking roof.  Seems like it has leaked ever since we got a new roof a few years ago.  They came once and "fixed" it but the leak has never stopped.

Larissa was asking me why her computer screen was changing.  We were sitting across the room and noticed the changing screen.  It has a touch screen and as the drops were hitting it the screen was changing.  I hope that there isn't any damage since it is a new computer.

It is all annoying for us.  For us the damage isn't bad.  However, for some families it is catastrophic. They have lost everything. Many of the families affected do not have flood insurance.  Areas have flooded that have never had a probem before.  Roads, bridges and dams are failing.   Businesses are closed today.   School is closed for tomorrow. For this state it will be a long recovery.  We are praying for all those affected and are looking for sunny skies.

Rain and More Rain

Benjamin is tired of the rain. It is a cold rain and he is getting over an ear infection so he couldn't go out and play in it. We did have a short reprieve during the day and he got to get out for a few minutes., not long enough for him.

It started raining here Friday night and rained most of the day today.  It is now 1 am and it is raining even harder.  Twice now I have had to go out and drain the pool. We have flooding in the state and I have heard of some folks losing power but we haven't had any major issues here.  I went out for milk and there is no flooding in our town.  Thankfully, we do not live in an area that floods.

Because of the weather I have not had any motivation to work in my bathroom.  Instead I decided it was time to clean my desk.  Yes, it is bad.  I don't think that Pooky Bear wanted me to clean today.

That is about as clean as it will ever get.....and it won't last long.

Some days paperwork overwhelmes me.  All the paperwork for our family and my mom comes through that desk.  I try to immediately throw out junk mail.  Sometimes I have been known to throw out non-junk mail, oops.

There was a time when I looked for the best way to deal with paperwork.  After many different systems I have given up.  I find that every so often I just have to do a purge.  I sit with a trash can on one side and a box for filing on the other.  If I have waited long enough then many of the papers have become obsolete and get to go into the trash! I guess that it would make more sense to file things right away, I just don't have that discipline.

If you have a desk, how does your desk area look? Don't even get me started on the van, that is next for cleaning.

Hmmm, I can hear the rain outside, it is raining harder now than it has all weekend.  I hope that everyone in SC is safe and dry tonight.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bathroom Overhaul

I have been ignoring the bathroom upstairs. There is a good reason why, it is a mess.  The wallpaper border is coming off and is very much outdated. I don't know why the light is missing the cover or why a hanger is hanging from the ceiling.

Even the shower curtain rod is rusting.  Seems like the shower curtain rod shouldn't rust. It is made to be in the shower, isn't it?

I am starting at the top and working my way down.  Today I stripped the border and removed the popcorn from the ceiling.

I also removed the wad of toilet paper that was stuck on the ceiling.

I had lots of "help" and made a huge mess.  The popcorn was easy to remove and the border was too. I just sprayed warm water on both and waited a few minutes to remove.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some repairs to the walls and sanding.  This is going to be a slow process since I have no spare time to do this project.

Anyone else doing home improvements that never seem to end?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

:Potty Training in Relaxed Mode or Pee Happens

After many kids I have learned one thing about potty training, they do better when it is their idea.  I would rather have the child be potty trained than me trained to take the kid to the potty.

Benjamin is showing huge signs that he is getting ready.

He occasionally wants to wear panties.

Sometimes I find him sitting on the potty (he has a diaper on). He is getting real close. At this point he will push his diaper to the side and pee on the ground. That is a new one for me!

Problem I have is I am not ready for it.  At this point he is just as happy to play in the toilet as pee in it.  He refuses to use any children potties, he wants the real thing.  He also likes to play in the water and put entire rolls of toilet paper in there.

He is also very fast.  In the time I went to check on my mom he took his diaper off, peed on the bathroom floor, got in the sink to wash his feet and flooded the bathroom.

So right now we are doing it the relaxed way.  If we see him pulling at his diaper we take him to the potty using the appropriate words.  He will tell me after the fact, we are looking for some before the fact warning.

Anyone else in the middle of potty training?  How do you tell it is time to start?