Tuesday, July 30, 2019


I know you foster parents will understand, I sit here in the dark with my husband and Benjamin asleep on a cruise ship and I am crying for a child I feel that I wasn't able to help. I know in my mind that moving him was for the best of our family, perhaps moving him was in his best interest since he wasn't growing in our family, BUT, dang I miss him. I love him and I know he thought we were his family. I hope that little one is doing well. I pray that he lands where he needs to be. As sad as I feel, I know it was necessary. He was taking so much of my mothering that I feel like my kids were starting to suffer from it. Seriously, he took so much of my attention and time. Ugh, it hurts.


We didn't buy an excursion for Boston. We got off the ship and took a shuttle to downtown Boston. 

We saw a lot of historical areas and spent a lot of time in Little Italy. We really enjoyed that area.

Paul Revere's house.

I loved the architecture in the area.

We had some good food. I told the kids that they had to pronounce their choice of a meal to get it....they ended up pointing.

We had to have dessert.

Heading back to the shuttle we got lost and ended up in the financial area. More chances to see some cool architecture.

We made it back to the shuttle and the ship/ Glad for cell phones. We really enjoyed Boston. I could see us taking a vacation there.

Day at Sea

Cruising out of Baltimore sure is different. I don't know if it is the cruise line or location but it was so much easier. No long lines and parking was so easy.

Blue Monster came on the last cruise, he needed some emergency surgery.

The waiters love Benjamin.


Saturday, July 27, 2019


We got home from Atlanta and packed our bags. Some to go to my friends house and some to go on a cruise. Our cruise is going out of Baltimore and is hitting all ports that I have never been to before.

We arrived in Baltimore early enough to take in some sights and then meet my brother Scott for dinner. I am not sure why my baby is sitting so far from me!

Anthony surpassed Scott in height long ago.

Anyone from Baltimore? I'd have to say the city is too big for my likes. They do have a beautiful waterfront area.