Sunday, June 24, 2018


Today we went to church as usual. It was a great service, we are currently doing a series on the Road to Recovery and how everyone has something in their life that they are struggling with. So true, I know that I do.

I had bought the girls this shirt, couldn't find a smaller one for Emma! She wore it anyway. Benjamin has moved up to the 4 year old classroom and he hasn't been happy with the change. This is his third week going there and he is slowly getting better about going. I love how his teacher is so patient with him and is encouraging him to help him with greeting the kids as they come.

We are waiting for Miguel to make his appearance. He sure is poking his head up, unfortunately. Joselin has tried many things to get him headed in the right direction and he just isn't willing.

The kids are attending VBS this week and it started today. Benjamin went without a look back! He is growing up. Otherwise it has been a quiet day at our house. 

Something New

I am walking into uncharted territory, Larissa wants to model. She wants to take classes. I am so out of my comfort zone with this industry. Everyone has opinions but not any specific help! I hear that so many agencies are really just about making money. I shouldn't pay for pictures. I shouldn't pay for classes. Well that seems odd to me. Seems like if you want to model you might want to take a class. I know you have to have a portfolio of some type with pictures.

Today she went to an audition. She had to do a reading, get a picture and walk the runway. She has never walked a runway but they gave a short class on what they wanted and she did pretty well. There were 6 people there. They said that they will review the videos and will let you know if you have a call back in two weeks.

I had called them to ask about classes, which is what Larissa wants. They offer classes and opportunities to model locally and as you are trained opportunities in other locations. They spend 6 weeks in LA going to auditions every summer.

Honestly, I don't know how I feel. She has asked about this for a while and we wanted to wait until she was a teenager. She will be 13 in September. If anything we are willing to pay for some classes. It was very interesting to watch her today. She didn't realize that she was going to have to do a reading and she looked terrified! There is a group of people watching you. When I think back to the child with selective mutism I am amazed at how far she has come.

She glanced over at me and I gave her a thumbs up.

She then did her reading well and posed for a picture.

If anything I hope that she can build some confidence. We have talked and talked about rejection in this field. Sometimes you just aren't what they want. She says she understands and that she really wants to do it. She also wants to study fashion design and learn how to sew better. Any suggestions for home school curriculum's?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Last Week

The weather was balmy so the kids had breath holding contests.

Emma wants a horse, this is as far as I will go.

Benjamin has taken off with his swimming.

Vaida is getting bolder with her swimming.

A little painting got done

Dance Camp was great fun. Vaida made it three days before her daddy couldn't stand it anymore. She could have totally made all three days. Maybe he will be ready next summer.

Larissa wearing a skirt that Sarah bought her.

Kids dressing up.

Dance Camp again

Someone was worn out and stole my spot in bed.

Dance pictures came back, pictures of pictures.

Finally we scheduled a pregnancy shoot. Yes, I procrastinated and found a photographer on Tuesday, had the shoot on Thursday. Photos to follow.


Our Day

My boy loves to take selfies.

Larissa needed a mani and pedi for tomorrow.

Needed new shoes, she is now a size 9 1/2.

This happened today! He taught himself. I am not ready.

The rest of my day was spent cleaning my garage. The garage I am discussing houses all my craft/sewing stuff. No, I am not finished and I don't have any pictures except for some paint.

I need some organizational help!

Going Short

Larissa decided to go short and many of us followed. Hair seems to be such a big issue with Larissa. Natural hair, braided hair, beaded hair, extensions, everything is criticized. She can't seem to please anyone so I told her to please herself.

Emma's hair is always a hot mess. Her hair feels like straw and I am not sure why. Well, I think it is a combination of  swimming, diet and her damaging it by not brushing it regularly and tearing out the knots and using the wrong products on it. I came to realize that she was using the head and shoulders for dry hair shampoo (there are plenty of other shampoo in the tub area so I had no idea she was using that!) and she was using the conditioner as body wash! I realized that when there were 4 conditioners in the tub area and I asked why. Yes, we have gone over shower routines often. Yes, I do believe that she can read labels and I do provide all the right products.

This is the cut she approved.

We added color at home because she wanted it. However, after 20 hours of swimming it all came out.

I also went short. I have been contemplating it for a long time.

Had a little color added too.

Sarah went for a different cut and some color.

Benjamin already shaved his head and Michelle did not want a hair cut.

Of course all this color required some colorful sno cones.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Flight Home

Well, we are home safe and sound. Return flight was interesting. You know how you read about issues with airlines and never really experience them yourself. I had an interesting experience. I was surprised by my own feelings about seats! It is no joke that seat sizes are getting smaller and smaller. I have no problem, I fit in my seat fine and am thankful for my shortness on flights. However, on my return flight I had a middle seat and as I walk up to it I realize a problem. I only had 2/3 of a seat. The girl in the aisle seat had pulled up the armrest and obviously didn't fit in her seat. She gets up and lets me in. I literally was pinned to my seat as her arm and shoulder locked me in. I was sitting there thinking that there was no way I could fly for a few hours like that. Then my thoughts started along the line of I paid rental for a seat for this flight, I didn't pay for 2/3 of a seat. I admit on the inside I was very annoyed. I didn't say anything to the girl but I was getting pretty unsettled by being pinned in. Think of someones arm and shoulder on top of yours making it impossible to move! I was shoulder to shoulder with the gentleman on the right.

After all the passengers boarded the girl asked for a seat belt extender and the stewardess offered me a new seat. Actually she offered me and the gentleman new seats. The girl was extending out into the aisle and they wanted her to sit in the middle. She ended up in a row all by herself.

I ended up with a row of my own with some great leg room.

However, I can't help but wonder what I would have done if the flight was full. I guess the benefit of a 6 am flight is it isn't full. It seems like there was no win situation. I was uncomfortable and felt that my space was invaded. True in flights I expect shoulder to shoulder but not shoulder on top of shoulder. I saw the look that flashed across the stewardess face when she looked at the girl. She tried to hide it but it was there. I expect that the girl gets if often and I do feel for her. No simple answers for everyone involved.

Ever have any issues with flying?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I have been having a great time in Minneapolis. My main reason for coming was to meet with another adoptive mom, Heather, who I have been chatting with online for over a decade. I accomplished that!

Yesterday we went to lunch and then to her mothers house where we had lemonade and cookies. I was able to meet her daughter and leave some rocks.

My first time eating yak dumplings, they were pretty good.

I spent my evenings with my husband. It was nice spending time with him. Typically our date nights consist of going to Walmart.

We are not used to northern tea. Adding sugar to cold tea is not the same as brewing it with it. We like out sweet tea.

We visited the Mall of America. Interesting place and I can't imagine how expensive that place would be for us to take our kids.

Today I had a 3 1\2 hour lunch with Heather. It was so nice being able to sit down and talk with another mom who understands the challenges that we deal with. Much better to sit down and talk than typing messages!

We are packed up and tomorrow bright and early we will return to the land of sweet tea. As much as I have enjoyed our little trip, I look forward to getting home. I miss my kids!