Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am That Frog

Last night we had this little visitor stick himself to our door.

We tried to encourage him to move away from the door and go back to the pond area.

He was annoyed by the flash of my camera but he refused to leave.

He even stuck tight when we opened the door (and took his picture with a flash).

He was quite tenacious.

I realized that he was me.
I have children who try their hardest to push me away. They try on every level to reject me. They believe that by pushing me away they are saving themselves from further pain.
They have been harmed by someone else and now I must bear the brunt of their pain. But, you know, I can bear that pain and rejection. I am strong enough, tenacious enough to stick with them and be there for them even when they don't want it.
I am stuck to their heart, waiting for them to open the door.

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