Sunday, July 4, 2010

Small Town Festivities

We went to church for fireworks tonight. It was nice. Small crowd and fantastic weather. We brought our chairs and bug spray so we were comfortable.

Our four youngest came along. Tasha, do you recognize that dress on Larissa? It was Tasha's dress when she was younger, she will be 21 in November. Funny thing is, I bought it used at a Goodwill. I looked for a picture of Tasha wearing it but couldn't find one. That is not surprising since all my pictures are sitting in boxes waiting for me to organize them.

Joselin has been moping for two days. She has problems talking to anyone about her feelings so I literally had to nag her to get her to talk to me. She did finally open up and talk and seems to be in a better mood.

Overall, great food and great company (family). I hope that everyone else had a great day today.

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