Thursday, July 22, 2010

Project of the Day

When we moved we had a small gazebo in the backyard. It had mosquito netting around it so you could sit outside without losing a gallon of blood. However, the design was flawed. When it rained water would pool on the top. Since we weren't home to push the water off, the gazebo succumbed to the weight of the water. It imploded one day.

All we were left with was the 10X10 flooring. The dead tree is off to the right, partially circled in yellow. It is really in a bad spot, near my house, swing and soon to be gazebo. That is why it will cost so much to cut down, you can't just drop it.
That big tree needs to come down before we can think about replacing the old gazebo.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up so John and I decided to replace the gazebo and get seating as our gift to ourselves. We had a hard time finding a replacement gazebo because we are too far into the summer season. You know how it is, winter and Christmas stuff will be out soon.

We did find one that Lowe's had but it was 10X12 and really more then we wanted to spend. Well, we finally decided to go with that gazebo (uh, because it was the only one we could find that was still available since no on else was willing to spend that much on it). We had to go hunting through several different Lowe's to find one. We also got some clearance furniture at WalMart.

Since the gazebo is bigger then our flooring my project of the day was to extend the existing flooring. I enlisted the help of my son. He can be quite helpful for manual labor.

It really was a simple little project to do.

Now we need to clean and put some type of protector on the old flooring.

Once we get the tree down we can put up the gazebo. I am not chancing putting it up and having a branch fall on it. The last time we had trees cut down they took out the kids swing set.
I have made several calls today to resolve some of my ongoing issues and am waiting on return calls (not holding my breath). Now, should I start another project or take a nap?

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