Friday, July 9, 2010

Status Update

The tent is still standing! I thought for sure that it would be shredded by now.
I am still working on the front island. However, lighting our front yard is completed. I do need to work on lighting out back. Also, the irrigation system decided to stop working this week, during a heat wave. Thankfully, it rained today.
I also need to get the fountain working again.
Larissa has made it to the pediatric neurologist and now has an appointment for an MRI later in the month. Her meds were increased but she continues to have nightly seizures.
I received their medicaid cards so I was able to make an appointment for Anthony to get an up to date assessment that had to go through post adoptions. We have an appointment at the end of the month and I am delighted. This person is always filled up and we wanted to have the assessment before school started.
Joselin has an assessment test on the 23rd with the adult education center. You don't have to attend school here after the age of 17, she turns 17 next week and does not want to attend school. You can also leave home at 17 in this state as well and your parents can't do anything about it. However, the parents are still responsible for the child if they do anything illegal. How can you be held responsible for the actions of a child that you can't keep at home?

I am still waiting on the early intervention program where I am trying to enroll Larissa. Anthony and Sarah are registered and we are waiting on open houses at their schools in August.

I am waiting to hear back from USC but in the mean time I am looking into ways to pay for my insanity.

We are still waiting for our foster care license. We are waiting on the great state of Texas to send SC a clearance from DSS. Our homestudy and everything else is done.

No, I am not finished unpacking and I haven't started on my craft room yet.

The kitten and new puppy are both doing well. Potty training continues.

Well, that is pretty much our live in a nutshell right now. Every day I find something new that needs to be done. I am slowly working through my list but you know how it is, the list never ends.

I think I will go match socks................................laundry is about done for the moment.

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