Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finally, I found someone who works!

After our tree man didn't show up I decided to call around for a tree man who works in the heat. I called Mike's Professional Tree Service, they were out working and stopped by to give an estimate. They quoted $390 and were willing to come out today (Saturday) to take the tree down.
Guess what? They showed up!
It is definitely not a job for those afraid of heights.

They did a fantastic job. They cleaned up the yard after they were done. I do believe that the yard is cleaner then before they started.

Mike is an Army veteran, he has a great work ethic. So nice to see nowadays.

Next, we get to put up the gazebo.


  1. We spent $650 having a dead tree removed from our yard a few weeks ago. I totally feel your pain. I could have spent that money in about a thousand other ways! Enjoy the gazebo!

  2. Wow, your tree guys are more expensive then ours down south. Actually, I knew it would be costly because there is no access to the backyard, it had to be carried out.

    I was annoyed because no one would come when they said they would, uck.

  3. Ours was extra because it was hanging over a 4 lane road....whatever--there is always an excuse to charge extra. :-)