Monday, July 19, 2010

Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School

Joselin seems to have finally realized that she is really not ready to head out on her own. I guess realizing that you are dependent on those that give out the rules just really sucks.

She has decided that she wants to attend the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School. Originally she didn't want to attend the school because it is a military style school. However, after the last week of venturing out on her own, she has come to realize that she needs to do something to prepare herself.

Jason attended the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School and received his GED there. They have a great program for kids who are struggling. They advertise themselves as an alternate school for students aged 16-19 who are "at-risk". It is a residential school run by the National Guard and there is no cost. If I remember correctly we had to put $100 in an account for medical needs but received it back when Jason finished.

They interview each student who applies and will only accept those who want to be there. We wanted Joselin to go there last year but she wasn't willing to go. It is a waste of time to apply if the child does not want to go.

If you know of a child who is struggling with school in South Carolina then you should check them out.

There is another similar program that is available in all states. It is called the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. Great free program for kids who need it.

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