Monday, July 12, 2010

Bargain Shopping

Sarah and I noticed that the Sunday paper had back to school supplies. We like to stock up when we can find inexpensive items. I never pay more then a dime for folders with prongs and paper filler is easily bought for 50 cents. We stock up for ourselves and also for donations.

So, we pulled out three ads and decided to see who actually had their items in stock on Monday (the day after the ad came out). We went to Walgreen's, Staples and KMart.
We hit up Walgreen's first and they had everything that we wanted to buy from them. We were able to buy all the items and they had a lot in stock. We were pleased.

Next we went to Staples. They actually had NONE of the bargain sale items that they advertised. All we saw were empty bins. The did have many of the more expensive items available but we were biting.

Next we went to KMart. They were mixed. Some of their bargain items were available. We stocked up on paper and folders from there since they were cheaper then Walgreen's. However, many of the other items we were looking for were already gone. Larissa was very pleased with her Kai Lan backpack and I was pleased with the price.

I was surprised to find Walgreen's to be the better bargain and to be better supplied. They had quite a few shoppers there when we got there. I appreciate it when a store has a sale and they actually try to have the items in stock.

We also got a bargain from Craigslist. We picked up a $5 dining room table from downtown. We coordinated our shopping with a Craigslist pick-up. The table will go in my craft room (when I get around to setting it up).


  1. I have no doubt that my wife is a crazy woman :)

  2. Yea, well you married me! Love ya too.