Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy's Home

Remember the old days at the airport? You took you family member right up to the gate and maybe even sat and waited with them until their plane boarded. Then when they came home you waited right at the gate, watching everyone come off the plane. I miss those days.

However, if you have to deal with airports the Columbia. SC airport is a great one to deal with. Everyone comes through one hallway. It is easy to watch for your person while sitting in the rocking chairs or couches. What crowds.....I have yet to see one.
Then right around the corner are the escalators to the baggage claim area....again no crowds.

Everyone was glad to have dad home again. Larissa decided to use him to lay out her bracelet collection while waiting at Little Caesar's.
Those bracelets seem to be the current rage. Every time something simple like that makes it big I wonder why I didn't think of it. But, hey, I had a pet rock when I was a kid......hudda thought.

Larissa MUST have her cuddle time.

I will get one "wait" off my list tomorrow, my washing machine parts came in and they are coming on a Saturday to put them in. Once the washing machine is fixed we are going to move the washer and dryer out to the garage and move our new ones in. Tasha and David will get the older set. They are only 5 years old and already the washer is getting most of the parts replaced tomorrow. They don't make appliances like they used to.....they are Maytag's. If you haven't seen that commercial of the bored Maytag repairman lately it is because he has been busy at my house.

Sometime this week we will be moving around a lot of furniture. It has been decided that Anthony can not be upstairs with the girls.
There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. Sarah (and soon Joselin) are sharing the master suite, Larissa in her own room and Anthony in his own room. But, it is not working out, we can't keep Anthony out of Larissa's bedroom and can't rely on a baby monitor all the time.
We even decided that no toys would be upstairs to lure him into her room. The kids are not allowed to play upstairs at all. There are reasons for our strict rules.
He was caught in her room at 5 am this morning and again tonight. So, John's office is moving to the FROG (finished room over the garage) and Anthony will be moving to his office downstairs. We will have a total separation of boys and girls. It is sad that this is even necessary.
Well, it is getting late and I am itching to start sandpapering my new project so I'd better sign off. Have a great weekend.

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