Sunday, June 6, 2010

Feeling Lonely

Well, John left this afternoon for his apartment in Augusta. So, until Friday I will be holding down the fort alone. This new way of life is going to take some getting used to.

Right off the bat Anthony had to test the waters. He has issues with obeying on a good day, take away his dad and he just had to see if mom was up to the task. I don't understand why he thought that things would be any different, I am the primary care giver and never use the "wait until your dad gets home" phrase. He got an early bedtime for his efforts.....oh, and I got the "your mean" badge of honor.

Larissa was full of questions about dads apartment and I wonder how much she understands. She has visited his apartment twice so she knows that he has another home, I hope she doesn't think that it is normal for dad to live away from mom. I need to find a way for her to understand when he will be back.

It hit me hard at Larissa's bedtime that John is gone, he always carries her to bed. I had to take over his job and it didn't feel right. After I came down I suddenly felt alone. I have three kids in the house but feel alone. Strange. I guess I will get used to this, although maybe that wouldn't be a good thing.

I think I need to go get some chocolate.


  1. Hang in there mamma! And yes keep a good stock of Chocolate near by....And some really good books the week will be over before you knowit!