Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lady in Waiting

I feel like a lady in waiting.

Waiting for what?

-For the washer repairman to call back with the parts, I was told it would be a week 15 days ago...not that I am counting

-For the high school to call me. I went to register Sarah and was told to sign a list, take a packet and they would call me.

-For the early intervention program to call me back, they said they would this week.

-For neurology to call me, they have our referral.

-For post adoption to call me back since they have to schedule the testing I want for Anthony.

-For medicaid to call me. The doctor that does the testing will not take our insurance but will take medicaid. We didn't have them on it but they qualify for it so I took all the paperwork and filled out forms up to the empty office and was told they would call me.

-For my old doctor office to send the kids records to our new doctor so I can make appointments for the kids and get Anthony started in speech.

-For DSS, Texas is giving them a hard time about our background check for the one year we lived in Texas. It is all we need for our license, our homestudy is done.

-For the license plate for John's new commuter car so he can take it to Augusta. I don't want it here, he needs to get the first scratch on it!

Seems like no one is able to do their job on the spot. I am starting to feel frustrated about how long it is taking to get stuff done.

Between the house, medical issues, school issues, DSS, my possible schooling, new pets, car stuff and everyday life, I worry that I am forgetting something. I guess that comes with getting older.

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