Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tasha will be 21 in November and Larissa 5 in September, wonder how long it will take for Larissa to catch up with Tasha? I should get a picture of all the girls lined up when Joselin comes home.
Speaking of Joselin, she has called just about every day since she decided to come home. Before that, she called very infrequently. She flies home next Wednesday. Life should get interesting at that point.
Anthony wanted me to put on a picture of his favorite shirt. It is paint stained and should go in the trash, but he loves it.

Back.....quite a use of duct tape.
I got something today from Craigslist. I have plans for it.

Anthony lost a loose tooth last night. It has been loose since we were in San Antonio, he will not pull his loose teeth out. I accidentally elbowed him last night and knocked it out.
The tooth fairy woke up and remembered her duties at 1:30 am. An improvement over the last tooth.....remembering when he said the next morning that the tooth fairy didn't come!
Every time I look at his crowded mouth I think braces. Every one of our kids has needed braces, Sarah even had to have them twice.
Larissa is now on the max amount of meds that her neurologist prescribed in Texas but I have been having a hard time observing her sleeping. John is in Ft. Huachuca this week so I had her sleep with me.
I really feel for her husband to be, she is quite a bed hog. (That is a queen size bed)
She is still seizing, although it doesn't appear to be as long to me.
The days have been flying by. I can't believe that it is the middle of June already. I have three kids with birthdays in November, as well as one in July, August and September. I have to start thinking about Christmas, it seems to get more expensive as the kids get older. Oh, but first we will have back to school. I think this summer will be over before we are ready.
Tomorrow we get to pick John up from the airport. We should have a good weekend before he has to head back to Augusta.

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