Monday, June 28, 2010

Why can't my life just be simple?

We went to VBS today. I took the girls so that they could volunteer and the little ones so they could participate. The little ones had a great time, Sarah was frustrated and Joselin moped the entire time.
They really didn't have it set up well for teenage volunteers. They wanted them to go find people who needed help. That doesn't work well with my shy child. I was doing kitchen detail so I left to go find a spot for Sarah. She found a place to help with the 2-3 year old crowd. It would have been really nice if they had the teenagers more involved.
Joselin just came and found me, sat down and moped. She has perfected the art of moping and I find it very annoying. I told her to go elsewhere since I had work to do and didn't care to watch her.
I think that tomorrow I will just leave Joselin at home. She can't stand to do anything with the church or any volunteer type activities.
I had a good time in the kitchen. I think that because I have so many kids and am so committed to foster care folks expect me to volunteer with the kids. However, I prefer the kitchen, I have kids all day and I enjoy a break.

On the home front I decided to work on my outside lights. I have three sets and none of them are working. First step was to check the outlet, which was fine. Next step was to check the light bulbs. Uh, not so fine.

Have you seen this type of light bulb?

I couldn't find it at Lowe's or WalMart. If either of those places don't sell it then I don't want to deal with it. I looked online and found some for $8.99 plus shipping. Kind of expensive considering I am not sure if that is even the problem. The timer and/or wiring could be the problem.
So, skip that step and see if a new light will work connected to the old wiring. If it did that would mean the light bulbs needed replacing.

Nope, new light on old wiring didn't work.

So, I thought that maybe I could attach old wiring to the new timer. I liked the old timer because it was a basic, came on when it got dark. So simple, I couldn't mess it up.

Well, couldn't do that, the new timer has a funky connection that was attached to the new wiring.

So, that means I am going to have to do new lights, timer and wiring. I hooked up the new wiring to the new timer and added a light and it worked. I have I will do the rest tomorrow in the light.

That seems to be my life lately. No simple fixes. Some, OK, many of my children are dealing with issues that don't have simple fixes. I really wish that I could fix some of their issues. Instead, I have to try different things and find new ways to approach issues.

Some days the light comes on and some days it doesn't.

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