Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Foster Care Certification and Gardening

Last night at 9 pm I decided to check my smoke detectors for my fire inspection this morning. Then at 10 pm I was at WalMart's buying 9 volt batteries because all my alarm batteries were dead.

The fire inspection went well and we passed. A fire inspection consists of checking your evacuation plan, check the dryer vent, measuring your windows in the foster room, checking the fire extinguisher, and checking the smoke detectors. They also ask where you store chemicals and such questions. I know some prospective foster parents have had problems because of small window sizes in rooms.

We completed some paperwork for the LW and I have more paperwork that I need to take up to the office. We anticipate being licensed in about a month.

After they left, the kids and I had fun. I found these kits at Lowe's and decided to try them out.

The kids didn't believe that you could get soil from these little tabs.

But we did.

Larissa did sunflowers............

and Anthony did bell peppers. We will see how they do. We did bell peppers because we love them in our fajita's.

The kids were very happy with their plantings. I hope we get some growth.

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