Monday, June 7, 2010

Frustrating Day

I decided to tackle school enrollment today. I get all my documents around and call Anthony's school to see what time they are doing registration. I am told to come between 8:30 and 4 pm. It was 1 pm so I loaded the kids in the car and headed to Anthony's school. We get there and are told that the person that does the registration is out for the rest of the day. OK, I just got off the phone with them.

She tells me to come in tomorrow. I ask her if there is a good time of the day to come in. She says between 8:30 and 4pm. I look at their huge clock and it is 1:30 and it is obviously not a good time. So I ask her if there is a time when someone would actually be there. She tells me the same. OK

So I asked about 4K programs. They had them when we left SC last summer. Before we left TX I met with Larissa's teacher and she felt that it would be best for her to attend a 4K program in the school where she will attend kindergarten. Typically the early intervention programs are not in every school and here the program is at a different school then where Larissa will attend kindergarten.

Well, SC is poor and now the 4K program is $150/week. So, if we want to send Larissa to a 4K program where she will attend kindergarten the next year then we will have to pay $600/month. That is a lot of money considering I don't work. Crazy.

I went home disgusted and called special services to see if there is any way to get Larissa into the 4K program. They told me that the $150 program idea hadn't been approved yet. OK

Well, I need to at least get her signed up for the early intervention program so I will visit them tomorrow afternoon and give them a copy of her IEP. I have to go through the whole process all over. Hopefully, they will just transfer everything.

Since I wasn't having any luck on the school front I decided to tackle one of my projects on my car door handle.

I love my Sequoia, I really do. However, it is a 2002 and has parts breaking off. Actually the two front door handles broke within a year of buying the car so the Toyota dealership replaced them. In the middle of our move the rear passenger door handle broke off......

I considered it a safety issue so I went to the dealership and bought a new handle.

Taking off the door handle I can see that I am going to have to take the entire panel off of the door.

I did get the door panel off but don't even ask me how. I had a big screwdriver and popped it off after removing what screws I could find.

Getting the broken handle off was easy once I had the door panel off.

New handle attached and ready to put door panel back on. Getting the door panel back on was the hardest part.

The looks big in this picture, but it is a little piece on the side of the door, it was hard to remove (obviously).

Yea, something accomplished today.....and it works too.

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