Monday, June 14, 2010

The Perils of Foster Care

Has anyone seen our K?

Is he happy? Is he doing well?

Please let me know if you see our K.

K came to our home at the age of 6 weeks.............from the burn clinic. He had an iron imprint on his face.

He was the families baby. He had to be held constantly. If he fell asleep in your arms and you tried to put him down, he cried. What do you do with a crying baby that you received from the burn clinic? We picked him up and held him of course. We spoiled him.

My kids wanted to know what was going to happen to K. I told them that his mom would have parenting classes then he would go home. My kids were shocked.

We have no control over the court decisions as foster parents. Our only control is in loving our children while they are in our home. Holding them, showing them love, getting interventions in place when needed hoping that when they go home they will continue.

We love them for a short time and then worry about them for a long time. K is home with his mom, my kids ask me about him all the time.
So, if you see K let me know, I'd really like to know if he is happy.

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