Sunday, June 13, 2010


Anthony sure was looking like a curly top, in desperate need of a haircut.

He looked much better after a momma special haircut and hosing off.

It is hard to believe that Anthony will be 7 years old at the end of summer. He came into our home at the age of 2 1/2. We were not his first foster home placement. His first foster home couldn't deal with his behaviors.

He was pretty much a wild child with some behaviors that were hard to deal with. No one had talked to him so he had no communication skills. He didn't know how to play, everything he played with got made into a gun. He tested in the MR range.

No early stimulation/interaction is a terrible thing for a child. It damages a child in ways that you can't see. Even though he doesn't have scars on the outside, he carries them on the inside.

Anthony has some behaviors that are challenging. Defiance is one of them, he must have control. I know that this was an effect of his early life experiences but it still must be dealt with. Kids that have lost control feel deeply that they must maintain it at all costs.

Having my child written up at school several times in kindergarten was a new experience for me. I have never had a child tell their teacher that they don't have to listen to them before.

When you adopt an older child you are adopting a child with a history, typically not positive. You are dealing with issues related to genetics, possible mother drinking and drug use during pregnancy, the effects of abuse...........physical or through neglect. Walking into it blindly will not help the child.

Anthony has come a long way. He no longer tests MR. He is still struggling with language issues but we are proactive in getting him help. His behavior at school has greatly improved.

Best of all, he can now play.

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