Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Do Believe I Gained 10 lbs Today

Yes, I gained some weight today, it was worth it! John made me a German Chocolate cake.....from scratch.

Tasha put on the frosting.

Larissa helped.........

and sat by ready with her plate.

Ohhhh, it is so good.

I also did Larissa's hair today. She had been looking rather ragged. We actually cheated today. I had her put on her swimsuit and we washed her hair outside and then I put in the conditioner and let her run around and play with it in her hair. I don't know if it was the extra time in her hair or the new product, but it was easier to comb out today.

Tasha was around today so I gave her a little instruction in hair care. The idea of leaving moisturizer in the hair was new to Tasha.
If something were to happen to my husband and I, Tasha and David will be raising the kids. I think that Tasha and David would have a learning curve but would do great. However, I know that they wish us a long and healthy life.
I think that I need to go get me just a little sliver of that cake.

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