Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's only Tuesday?

We got something accomplished today. I really don't know how working moms take care of all the little things that keep a house running. I know they must be more efficient then me. I am so blessed that my husband provides for all of us (even when we drive him crazy).

Today I was able to get Larissa seen by our Tricare provider. They really didn't want to see her without her records in hand but I told them that she was diagnosed with epilepsy right before we left San Antonio and really needs a referral for a neurologist. So, we got to see the doctor and she is putting in for a referral for speech and will put one in for a neurologist as soon as they have her records. Getting her records transferred is proving to be a challenge in itself. Military to civilian providers don't always mesh. Finally I did get in touch with her neurologists nurse and she faxed them the notes herself....they want her to see a local neurologist. So, thank you nurse Betty.

I really need a speech referral for Anthony and appointment for Sarah and Joselin so I hope that they get their records soon. Medical records are so hard to keep track of when you move frequently.

The doctors office just happens to be next to a major shopping area. Truly I didn't pick that location for that reason!

I will tell you that Anthony does have other shoes....tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops.

We had lunch at the Wild Wing Cafe. I am not sure if their boast to be the best south of Buffalo is accurate or not. I have never been to Buffalo to try their wings, were wings invented in Buffalo?

You can't tell in this picture but Anthony has grease from his forehead down to his chin.

Next we went to Anthony's school where we were actually able to register him. It was real easy when someone was actually there.

After that we headed over to the Animal Shelter. I wanted a kitten, the kids had other ideas.
Future family member..........

Sarah really wanted this baby and her dad said yes. That shocked me, he said he had a soft moment. Sure, he likes dogs just fine just doesn't like having to house train them. The puppy can't come home until next week so we have time to get a crate and dog supplies.

She looks like she is going to be a small dog......not. Sarah says that it is her dog and she will take care of her. Hmmmmm, we will see how that goes.

I did however get myself a kitten. They had a lot of wild kittens and then this little one who came to me.

Her name is Gabby the Jumping Tailless Wonder. She jumped up my shorts and climbed up to my shoulder likity split and has no tail, thus her name. We used to have a great black cat without a tail named Gabriel. He was a fantastic pet and I hope that Gabby follows in his footsteps.

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