Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joselin's Homecoming

We went back to the Columbia airport today. We made it through the crowd in the garage heading to the is seriously that clean.

This gentleman had an interesting carry on bag......

We sat around in the rocking chairs.

Then Larissa complained of a stomach ache. I am not sure if she is coming down with something, was anxious or overtired. She had a rough night last night and finally went to sleep in a pair of my pj's.
Finally, she had to have some serious lap time with momma.

The plane arrived on time.........

Joselin was happy to be home.

We had to have lunch at her favorite place.....San Jose. Thankfully, Larissa was feeling better.

Joselin says that she is so happy to be home. She says that she never realized until she left that this felt like home to her. She says that you don't really appreciate your family until they are gone.
Reentry was the journey begins anew.

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