Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Most of our day today was spent taking John's stuff to his apartment in Augusta. He starts work on Monday and will be all set up. Thankfully he will only be 1 1/2 hours away and will come home every weekend.

A few years ago he was recalled to active duty and served two years in DC. He was too far away for every weekend visits, we saw each other every few months. I do hope that he will be able to find a job closer to home sometime soon because separation sucks.

Everyone is settling in to include Pooky Bear. She is very happy to be back home. Just this morning I watched her stalk and attack a vole. She is a happy, happy cat as you can see.....
(if you took away her hair she would be skinny)

Hopefully one day soon I will finish unpacking and get to tackle the yard. I am amazed at how much my weeping mulberry trees keep growing. I cut them back every year and they grow like crazy.

My sister in law Cindy is glad to have us back home. She is going to conspire with me this summer on some projects. She is the sister I never had.

The little ones really enjoyed playing in the weeping mulberries, almost as much as Cindy.
My big project this summer is the playhouse and play area. My original plan was to start from scratch but after much thought I decided to convert an old storage shed. Here is a before picture. Hopefully this picture and Larissa's reminding will motivate me to get it done....or started.

This is the area right next to the shed. We (Cindy and I) hope the clear the area and make a play area. How much poison ivy do you think is in there? I have terrible reactions to even getting close to the stuff. I have a small patch in the front area that I can't seem to kill but I haven't looked at this area too hard for the stuff. Obviously it is a neglected area of the yard.

View from the future play area to the shed (future playhouse).
I thought that Larissa might feel cheated since I am converting an existing structure, but she is delighted.

Tomorrow morning the LW (licensing worker) and the fire inspector are coming for a visit. I still need to check all my fire alarms to make sure the batteries are good. Guess I best go do that now while I am thinking about it.

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