Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This 'n That

Another rat killing type of day.

I took Larissa's Texas IEP out to the special resource department of our school district so they can determine if she is eligible for services. I took Larissa along with me and the lady did try to engage her in a conversation. Larissa refused to say a word to her. Sometimes I expect her to just start talking away, especially after I have told someone that she has selective mutism. I would love it if she proved me wrong.

Unless I decide to get a job, 4K at $150/week is out of the question. That means that by time Larissa starts kindergarten she be attending her fourth school. That sucks but there isn't much I can do about it.

I can choose not to send her to the early intervention program or they may say she doesn't qualify. I don't either of those happening. However, if the school they are thinking of housing early interventions in is too far away, I may have to do something else.
I have been shocked by the sunflower plants. They have taken off. Gardening isn't one of my specialties so I am not sure when I need to put them in the ground,. I feel that it is soon, guess I need to do a little research. Gotta love that internet.

Gabby is doing OK. I do have some concerns because she sure seems to sleep a lot. She is eating and drinking well. I wonder if she is a little anemic because of all the fleas she was covered in. We took care of the fleas now she can recover.
She is very sweet and loves to be held (even by the little ones).

We are still looking at getting the puppy next week. I have nagged Sarah about her responsibilities and she says she will keep at it. I am trying to find a huge dog crate to crate train her in.

I was pleasantly surprised by my dishwasher repairman today. I was given the time frame of 1 to 5 and I assumed that he would show up at 5:05 based on recent experiences. However, he showed up at 1:30. He caught me off guard. After removing the glass, screw and beads and replacing some little grinding part it works wonders. I understand the glass, but how did the screw and beads get in there?
Not sure what I will do tomorrow. Sarah has to be dropped off at 6:15 at church to go on a trip to Six Flags. I will have to get the kids out of bed bright and early. Not having another adult around makes life a little more complicated at times. Might just be a good day for a nap.

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