Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In two hours we will be leaving for the airport to pick up Joselin. Uh, I hope that she will be there. She has to change flights in Atlanta and says she is too old for an escort. This is her second flight alone so she should be fine. However, there is a small part of my mommy me that worries (OK maybe a little bigger then small). We have flown with her several times so she knows the routine.

I realized that I blogged a lot yesterday. I guess I must be anxious. Do you blog more when you are anxious?

I did receive a call from speech this morning and Larissa has approval and an appointment tomorrow. I received a call from Larissa's neurologist in San Antonio and he mailed me her CD with her EEG yesterday. I really like that neurologist, he wants me to call him after she sees the neurologist here to see what they are doing for her.

Yesterday, we got a little kiddie pool because of the heat and unfortunately there are no pictures of Anthony. He had bad timing lying to me, right before Sarah offered to take them out and set up the pool. Consequences just are not fun.

Larissa had a great time practicing putting her face in the water.

Gabby is doing well. Wonder if she should have called her stubby.
Getting big and ferocious.

Now, 1 hour 50 minutes until we leave for the airport.

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