Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quiet Morning

Normally I post at night after the kids have gone to bed. In the mornings I normally go do yard work before the kids get up. However, after yesterdays headache I am taking a break this morning.

I sit here in my strangely quiet house and it feels odd. I can't imagine how I would do with no kids to fill the house with noise. They are such a joy to me and when they are acting up I need to remember that.

Ha, speaking of acting up kids, Anthony is now moved downstairs so we now have only girls upstairs. We have to decide what ages of children we are willing to accept as foster parents. When Sarah was the youngest it was easy, we were open to kids a few years younger then her. Now that I have two little ones, it is not so easy. I have an empty bedroom and FROG upstairs so I can take anyone to fill it. However, because of issues with even young boys we are thinking that for the safety of our kids we can take girls or very young boys (under the age of 2).

My day is ahead of me and I am not sure what I plan on doing with it. I am frustrated with the number of things that I need to do but never get responses to. I was supposed to hear from Larissa's school last week and never did. Sarah's school said they would call 2 or 3 days later and it has been more then a week. I need to call today to see if the doctors office has received my kids medical files yet. I need to make several appointments. I called the neurologist office and never received a response. If others would only do what they say then I might just get something accomplished.

I think I might make my husband happy and go get an oil change done on my car today. I have needed to do it for several weeks and I am not sure why I have such a difficult time getting it done. Most of the time when I think about it, the place is closed. So, I will put that on my list for today. Hmmm, hopefully I will remember to actually do it!

I need to get our cars registered here as well. That means that I have to go pay personal property tax on each vehicle (yuck) as well as registration and title transfer. Sounds like an expensive job so I don't know if I am feeling like doing it today. It entails going to two different places to get the job done.

Tomorrow we will be picking Joselin up at the airport. She sounds excited to be coming home and the kids are ready for her to be back. I am ready for her to be back as well. I have missed her.

Well, the house is too quiet, I think I may go do just a little yard work this morning. We will see what this day brings.

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