Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too Much Idle Time

Give a boy a shell and a little idle time.....................
and he will give you a little art. Uh, unfortunately on the furniture!

I am not sure what these are.........shells maybe?

However, I can definately tell that he can write his numbers up to 11.

The consequence was to keep him busy and out of trouble......he got to pick up the play area.
On the good news front Larissa had a speech evaluation today. I was pleasantly surprised with how much she responded to the tester. She has finally reached the point where she will answer questions directed to her. She started out in a high pitch voice and as she got comfortable her tone changed to her normal little self.
Two years ago when we really started early interventions we were really worried. At that point she wouldn't even talk to us if someone else was in the room. Eventually she reached the point where she would whisper to us. Then she learned to just ignore that someone was in the room and talk to us.
I have seen slow progression and it has really shown me the positive effects of early interventions. I believe that at some point she won't even be labeled with selective mutism. Perhaps a little quiet and shy and that is OK.
So, overall it was a good day, great testing and the play area got cleaned.

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