Thursday, June 10, 2010

The heat slows down progress around here. If it isn't the heat then it is the mosquitoes, they just love me. Our back corner is coming along regardless. I need to see if I can get my son out to tear off the roof of the shed because it is rotting in places. Once that is done I can start on rebuilding it.

Before and then Current

This is my favorite spot in the backyard. I need to do some serious cleaning of the pond and filter and get some fish in there. I also need to coat that swing with something to protect it.

This is my least favorite part of my yard.....the fire ants. They are really difficult to kill off.

This hydrangea wasn't willing to bloom since I planted it. It bloomed while I was gone....figures.

I was surprised that my camera was able to take this picture. I have asked Santa for a new one for Christmas. My current camera is a 4 megapixel camera, although I can't complain about my picture quality.

The bees were swarming and seemed content with the flowers. They didn't have an interest in me.

Only two kids at home today. It was an ice pop kind of day. The house is so quiet with only two kids, heck three seems small too.

I did get a call from a speech therapist in Columbia. Apparently my doctor sent Larissa's referral over there. Well, that is 30 miles away and there is a speech therapist less then 2 miles from my home. So, I requested they send a referral to the local facility, hopefully that happens soon.
I need my husband home......the bathroom is flooded. I have tried to reach him all day without any luck. The toilet is leaking from the bottom of the tank and should be an easy fix. Maybe only two trips to Lowe's for parts. We aren't plumbers so we are always going back for different parts. Thankfully I was sitting outside the bathroom and could hear water running, no real damage done.
I can't reach Sarah either, I hope that her trip went well. I hope that someone paired up with her at Six Flags and she wasn't alone. I was surprised that she was willing to go. I am not sure that this is the church for her. She keeps saying that she misses Floyd, the youth minister at our San Antonio church. Apparently the youth meetings in this church are not interactive at all, no discussion just preaching. Sarah has lots of questions and loves discussions. We are relatively new Christians. If I get the time I think I will tell our journey tonight.
Kids are saying they are hungry so I better go feed them. They are asking for pop tarts but I think I may do something a little more nutritional.

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