Thursday, May 13, 2010

The things they say that make you want to cry.....

I had to wash all the moisturizers out of Larissa's hair for her EEG procedure. I didn't want to comb is too much without it so after bathing her I just left her hair down. She has beautiful hair. When she realized that I was not going to braid it she said that she couldn't go to church that way. I asked her why not. She said because everyone would laugh at her! I was so heart broken, I wanted to cry. Why would my 4 year old feel that everyone would laugh at her if she wore her hair down and natural? We have never given her any impression that she is not beautiful, that her hair isn't beautiful, that her skin color isn't beautiful. However, life has given her the impression that her natural hair is something that would be laughed at.

Where is she learning this?
She IS a beautiful child, inside and out.
Why do our children need to feel a need to conform to a certain standard; whether it be clothing, hair, skin, gadgets, weight?

Why would a 4 year old be worried about people laughing at her hair?

On a good note, I told the ladies in my women's Bible study class the story. Right after class all the women went up to Larissa and just loved on her hair. On the ride home, Larissa said that she would be willing to wear her hair down at church. I really do love this church, I will miss it.

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  1. I LOVE it down...we love Abigail's hair down. Those beautiful curls with flowers in them...awesome!