Friday, May 28, 2010

Starting the Process, Foster Care Certification

We have started the process towards being foster parents again. I feel such a strong calling towards foster care. To have the opportunity to help a child on such a personal level is so rewarding, exhausting, challenging, scary, exciting and more.

You don't know when the call will come and who will walk in your door. What issues will you have to deal with; medically, developmentally, behaviorally, emotionally.

You will have no clue how long a child will be in your home. Future planning is thrown out the door. Our two little ones we adopted were to be with us for "just a little while".

Your life will be thrown into turmoil as you navigate doctor appointments, visitations, evaluations and emotions on all sides.

You worry that you will forget a kid somewhere and maybe even look for a kid that has already left.

Even so, we feel the call to be foster parents.

We got our fingerprints taken last week

Bought a fire extinguisher today and got it inspected

Have all of our physicals in order

Have our fire escape plan posted on the fridge

Placed the escape ladder in the future foster room upstairs

Bought lock boxes for medicines

Checked all the fire alarms

Set up extra beds

Now.....we wait for a fire inspection, for DSS to come and bring more paperwork.

In the meantime, we continue to unpack.......

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