Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long drive, made it to South Carolina

It was a long drive to South Carolina. Within 30 miles I was ready for a nap. Just couldn't get into my driving groove for some reason. Jason, who was following us, was having the same issue. So, that meant way too many stops to wake up and refresh.

All along the way there was a lot of traffic and police. It was a Thursday so we weren't sure why there was so much police presence and traffic. We hit a lot of traffic going over the Mississippi River. Every time I cross that bridge I am amazed that the bridge is still standing. I see missing pieces and such. But we were glad to see the Mississippi, it meant we were making progress.

Once we got past the Mississippi we made good speed until we hit upon a terrible traffic jam. It wasn't until we got to the accident that we realized why. A truck had lost it's load.

We got into Biloxi and decided to stop for the night. Many of the hotels were full and we were told it was because a lot of folks have come to town to help with the oil spill clean up. Ah, we didn't realize that the oil spill would affect our drive, but Hwy 10 does run all along the coast so it made sense. We did find a room and got a great night of sleep.

Friday was a good travel day. We ran up 65 and 85 and got onto 20. No traffic in Atlanta. We got to smalltown, SC by 4 pm, just in time for dinner at San Jose.

We went to the house and unloaded some of our stuff that we had brought. I love the piggyback that we bought for my car. I has come in handy on several of our trips.

Our last purchase in Texas......

Wow, my pond has grown some huge water plants this year.

My yard is in full bloom.

We have spent the last two days doing laundry and yard work. Tomorrow the movers will come with our household goods and we will see what is broken and missing. We have lots of things to do in the next few days.

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