Friday, May 14, 2010

To Do List

I have been so preoccupied with all of the medical appointments that I haven't made much time to prepare for our move! Guess it is going to be a busy weekend. Ack, we only have three wake ups until the packers arrive.

A quick to do list:

cancel paper done
cancel utilities done
cancel water done
cancel cable/internet/phone .....done, need to take boxes to UPS
stop forwarding of mail from SC to TX ....can't find out how to do this, cancelling a permanent forward is not an option online....need to go to the post office for the form ..done, what a pain
forward mail from TX to SC done
go to three schools and withdraw kids
gave notice for house/ need to coordinate an inspection after movers leave
schedule required carpet cleaners
have movers come and estimate packing time/boxes and such done
coordinate with movers on both ends
get physicals for camp this summer while we have tricare doctors done
see what tricare providers are taking patients in SC ...done, picked providers and put in paperwork
pack some of Joselin's stuff for her/will take to her on the way to SC done
pack up computer for Kim
prep car/ oil change
make sure movies are in the car for trip
get copy of immunization record from Lackland done
make sure I have all documents to hand carry (birth certificates, passports, SS cards, IEP's, shot records...) .....working on it
pack stuff we don't want the movers to take and items we will need before we get household goods delivered progress
try to cook the food in the freezer/fridge .....trying
talk to moms nursing home and give brothers contact but unresolved
order bolts for washing machine done

ordered cable/internet/hock up in SC (can't be without internet for too long)
Jason's car need check up done, expensive but done
need to change emails to my yahoo account....what a pain

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