Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Packing done, Tomorrow we load

I guess I should say tomorrow they load and we watch. I must say that these packers were much better then the packers we had coming from SC. They crated items that the last movers didn't. Maybe if they had crated our coffee table glass we wouldn't have had to replace it when we got to TX. I have never seen a piece of glass so protected before.
TV is well protected as well. I was surprised that it made it here in one piece since it wasn't crated coming down. It is crated now.
If only my household goods stayed this neat, picking up would be so easy.

I had my computer packed up and am using my little 10" emergency laptop. It isn't so bad except that I cut my fingertip so bad that it requires a bandaid. This tiny keyboard is hard to type on with a bandaid on your fingertip. I can see where folks who keep long nails would have problems with it. Other then a few typos it is not too bad if your eyesight is good.

Normally, when we move we stay at home until time to pull out. I was taking stock of air mattresses and decided to spoil myself. For the first time, we are staying in a hotel while the packing is being done. Naturally, we spend the day at the house managing the packers and then come back to a pool and great bed. We are staying in a two bedroom suite that is fantastic. I don't know if per diem will cover all of it, but I don't care because it fits our needs.

Tomorrow the truck will arrive and everything will be gone. We have carpet cleaners scheduled to arrive at 3:30 and hope to have all cleaning done by then. We will have dinner at church and then have an early night.

Thursday morning we will pull out. John and I are heading in different directions. I am heading straight to SC so I have to go through Houston. I need to time it so that I don't get there during morning traffic. I believe we will leave between 8 and 9am.

John is going to TN where Joselin is currently living and taking some of her stuff to her. He is also taking Kim his motorcycle because she is having some transportation problems. I was shocked when he volunteered to bring Kim's two little ones back with him to SC so they can spend some summer time with their grandma who lives down the street from us. I imagine I will take them back sometime this summer when I go to visit Joselin.

Tomorrow will be a full day, I will sleep well tonight.

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  1. Good luck with your move!! I have been in our new home 2 days and still have a living room full of boxes but it will get done at some point. Hope your travels go well:)