Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pieces of My Heart

Just three pieces of my heart.........still live at home. However, they all live in my heart.

Some days I can't believe that my kids are growing up so fast. I now have too many kids living outside of my home. How can I protect them when they aren't under my roof? Why didn't anyone warn me that my job as a worrying mom doesn't end in 18 years?

Sarah is my next one to go. She is studying for her drivers permit. Oh, I am really not ready for that again. It seems like once they are driving then..........poof......... they are gone.

The two little ones are next. I just bought them new tennis shoes. In our one year in Texas Anthony has grown by one shoe size and Larissa has grown by three!

I do so enjoy the little ones. Did you know that when you have new tennis shoes then you can run faster? They have been practicing that theory all day and have determined that they are indeed faster.

Today was a big day for Larissa. She said her first words to her bus driver......she announced that it was her dad's birthday and we were taking him to lunch. Her driver was so excited to finally hear Larissa talk. She was probably shocked to realize that she did indeed speak and even in sentences. I guess that John needs to have more birthdays.

I told the kids today that we are moving back to our old house. The two little ones were excited but Sarah enjoys the big city life better. Larissa reminded me that once we get moved I have to build her a playhouse. That one has a memory like an elephant. Before Christmas we went to Costco and they had a cutest little outdoor playhouse. Problem was it was too small for Larissa. She is not a tiny one for her age, most people think she is older. So, I promised her that when we moved next time that I would build her a playhouse. She hasn't forgotten. She has also requested a doorbell. So, I need to leave my blog and go searching for some playhouse plans. Anyone know of a good (easy) one?

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