Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tomorrow is.......

Bulk trash pick up! Thank goodness it is because we have packers coming tomorrow and a lot of stuff to get rid of. I can't really get a picture of all that we have put out because it seems to disappear. Sure there is trash out there still, but a lot of the other "stuff" is now "our trash and their treasure". I hope that someone gets good use out of our discards.

The packers will be here bright and early tomorrow morning and I don't feel ready. Of course, I never feel ready. When you have little I mean kids constantly getting into stuff it makes it a little difficult to prepare. I also had extra doctor appointments this last week that I hadn't considered.

It is great that my husband has his moves paid for and that packers will pack everything. however, there is just a little disadvantage to that....they will pack everything. If you leave it sitting out it will get packed and that includes trash.

This is our first move that we are going to spoil ourselves.....we will be staying in a motel at night and spend our days at the house watching packers. Normally, we just stay at the house until the truck is gone and then we clean up and leave. I guess we are getting too old and have no interest in keeping air mattresses back. Also, it will be so much easier to put our suitcases and such in the car and not worry about it. Normally we designate a bathroom for our stuff we don't want packed and then tape the area off. Sounds easy but we have had movers that attempt to pack what we have asked them not to. They get paid by the weight so....

This evening I decided to take a break and take the kids to the park. Anthony comes down smelling like Jason's cologne.......a big no no. He is not supposed to get into any of Jason's stuff so instead of the park he stayed at home with dad and had a shower. Sometimes it just sucks but it was a natural consequence.

Can you see the squirrel?

Such concentration she showed in her climbing.
I don't know why, but this terrified me. After a few kids you would think I would be used to kids climbing.

Sarah felt she was too big to play so she climbed instead.

Evidence that I was there! Seems like the photographer in the family has to make an effort to get into pictures.

Little miss happy. She is doing well on her new meds. Yesterday she wanted to sleep all day but today she seems back to her usual self.

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