Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Last Downtown San Antonio Trip

Today we loaded up and headed to downtown San Antonio for the last time.

We visited an area right off of the Riverwalk called La Villita. There are lots of interesting small shops there.

This shop called the Village Weavers carried a lot of Guatemalan items. I purchased Joselin a birthday gift there.

I love the colors of all the weavings. They remind me of shopping at the markets in Antigua, Guatemala.

Larissa fell in love with this headgear.

Anthony found something he liked as well.

We did a cheap lunch at McDonalds.

Then we headed over to Hard Rock Cafe where I bought one of their San Antonio shirts for my collection.

Then we spent just a little bit of time on the Riverwalk. (Nah, my kids wouldn't leave the path and sit on the edge of the river.)

From the Riverwalk we walked to the Alamo. This tree in the Alamo Plaze had an interesting sign on it. I'm not sure what it meant but it has a mitigation value of $11,100.

The courtyard of the Alamo had a lot of landscape to include a pretty blooming cactus and a huge tree.

Can you guess what question I just asked Larissa?

If you guessed, "Do you want a snowcone?" then you were right.

Larissa didn't like a stranger taking our picture.

Larissa was fascinated by that big hand beckoning her in.

There are lots of things to do in downtown San Antonio. Most of the places are within walking distance of each other. We didn't make it out to the HemisFair Park or go up in the Tower of the Americas. Maybe next time..........

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