Sunday, May 30, 2010


The unpacking continues. I am growing very weary of doing it but I really want to finish while my husband is still here. After he leaves I will only have his muscle available on the weekends. I guess I could call and have Jason come and lift the heavy stuff, but he doesn't live here so wouldn't be at my beck and call.

John just brought in 8 boxes of books for me to put away. I don't know if that is all our books or not. Every time we move, he complains that we have too many books. He is probably right, but I can't stand to get rid of books. Many of our hardback children books actually came from my mom. She kept all our childhood books and since I am the only provider of grandchildren I received all of them.

I guess it is taking a long time to unpack because I find every available opportunity to be distracted. Movies to see, shopping to do and places to go. I went to Lowes for some sprinkler irrigation parts and came home with plants. I have some yard work to do, Lowes has 10% off for military this weekend, that led to the temptation to buy plants. However, I am forcing myself to leave the yard work for after the house is finished. Those plants sitting in their pots are such a temptation for me to be distracted.

The little ones are ready for mom to be finished with the unpacking as well. Larissa has already asked me several times when will I work on her playhouse. I told her I need to finish unpacking and my chop saw. The rest of our household goods are supposed to be in on Friday. My chop saw and vacuum cleaner are in that batch.

Larissa likes to play near me when I am unpacking. She left me a gift today.....

I wish I had time to play.

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